BOSTON (CBS) — Rich Shertenlieb got up-close with Tom Brady at Super Bowl Opening Night in Houston, which finally gave him the opportunity to find out, once-and-for-all, what compelled the quarterback to “call” the Toucher & Rich show earlier in the season.

If you’ll recall, back in September, Toucher & Rich brought a caller on the show who claimed to be “Matt” and asked the guys why they made fun of Julian Edelman so much. The caller sounded eerily similar to Brady – which has the show convinced that it was really him.

Rich decided to press Brady on the subject at Super Bowl Opening Night. It prompted a hilarious reaction from Brady, who didn’t think Rich was in his right mind at the time.

Watch the full exchange in the above video.

Comments (2)
  1. Wellll, are you in fact on drugs??

    1. Thretosix says:

      Right, it does seem as though Brady admitted he had done it before, not sure why he would deny that phone call in particular. Perhaps it wasn’t him. Love the exchange about Belichick being the greatest of all time though.

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