QUINCY (CBS) – The North Quincy Raiders are still basking in the glory of last Friday night’s win, but it has nothing to do with the score. It’s about the star of the game, and the way that he shined.

Senior Raymond Mei lives with special needs, but he loves basketball and has spent countless hours practicing with the boys’ varsity team, that is, until last week.

Raymond cheered on his teammates that night up until the final two minutes, when his coach told him to get in. He sunk a three and then added two layups.

“It was electric,” Coach Kevin Barrett said. “It matched any championship atmosphere or tournament atmosphere we’ve had in the past. It was all attributed to him and the way people love him.”

“He’s one of us. He’s our teammate, he’s our brother for life, whenever he needs anything we’re here,” said co-captain Ryan Manning.

The real victory is this lesson: simple acts of kindness and inclusion can change someone’s life.


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