BOSTON (CBS) — The Super Bowl is always one of the biggest sports betting days of the year. Super Bowl LI between the Patriots and Falcons will be no different – especially when it comes to prop bets.

Betting on who will win the game (and/or cover the spread) barely scratches the surface of what you can bet on at the Super Bowl, even before the Patriots and Falcons kick off in Houston. The Patriots are currently favored by three points, and -155 in the money line, according to Bovada. But betting against just the spread or the money line is boring – it’s the prop bets that really make things interesting.

Bovada has many notable Super Bowl LI prop bets regarding the scoring in the game and how and when scoring plays will occur. The money line favors the Patriots to score first with a money line of -125 compared to the Falcons’ -105. Bovada doesn’t seem to think the game will come down to the wire; the money line on “Will the team that scores last win the game?” is at -180 for “Yes,” as opposed to +150 for “No.”

As for the first scoring play of the game, safeties (as usual) are the biggest potential money-makers with a +2000 line for either team. Two of the last five Super Bowls have started with safeties, Patriots-Giants in Super Bowl XLVI and Broncos-Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII – so maybe that’s not as much of a long-shot as you think.

You can also bet on who will win the Super Bowl MVP award. Of course, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan have the best odds to win at +140 and +250, respectively. But you could also bet on LeGarrette Blount, Julian Edelman, or Dion Lewis at +1600, Martellus Bennett at +5000, Stephen Gostkowski at +6600, or Danny Amendola (among others) at +15000.

There are dozens of other prop bets that you can make related to the actual game, but Sportsbook also has some “fun bets” based on the National Anthem and Halftime Show. The over/under for Luke Bryan’s length of time to sing the National Anthem is currently at 2 minutes, 7.5 seconds. You can even bet on whether Lady Gaga will have a “wardrobe malfunction” during her Halftime Show performance; the line is at +600 for “Yes,” -1400 for “No.”

You will certainly have no shortage of betting options you want to get creative with your wagers on Super Bowl Sunday.

Toucher & Rich went over some of the craziest prop bets for Super Bowl LI on Friday, ranging from how many touchdowns Tom Brady will throw to when the announcers will first mention DeflateGate on the air. Listen to the full podcast below:


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