By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – They say that you’re never too old to learn new things, and boy is that ever true.

I’ve been around for a while now, and there are still some things I just do not understand. Manhattan Clam Chowder, for instance. Or pineapple on pizza.

And partisanship.

I get the theory behind why we have political parties – they help bring order to what would be an otherwise chaotic political process. And some of my dearest friends and family members are partisans, so it’s nothing personal.

But I still don’t get it.

Why would you accept ridiculous ideas and candidates just because they come from your party, or reflexively shun good ones because they come from the other side?

There was Bush Derangement Syndrome, featuring the absurd demonization of a decent man who doesn’t look so bad in hindsight. Then there was Obama Derangement Syndrome, in which millions of Americans came to believe obvious lies about their president, and let those lies drive them insane.

And now we have Trumpism, a universe of myth, alternative-facts, internet rumors, and nonsense.

Freedom to think for ourselves may not be in the Bill of Rights, but it should be.

And I don’t get it – why are we so eager to flush that right away, and with it any chance of knowing the truth?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (8)
  1. When examined closely one will find many of our decisions and positions are based primarily on emotion and prejudice.

  2. Peter has got exactly right. Especially for an audience that feeds on the raw meat of so called reality shows and media that follows the “if it bleeds, it leads” emotion based journalism. Thank you Mr Keller.

  3. bees_knees_6 says:

    You both presume that emotion is the enemy of reason. I do not believe that is true. I do believe one has to find a healthy balance and that is difficult but certainly not impossible.

    1. It is when “reason resorts” to “emotional blackmail” that I have a probem with writer or speaker.

      At that point one can easily conclude that the blackmailer is devoid of any genuine reason to support his argument.

      1. bees_knees_6 says:

        An exception. I do not believe that it is primary. I also do not believe in the generalization of the person warmed by the NH fire. Generalization, I would think, is an instance where emotion rules and not logic. Perhaps that is why he or she does not see reason. I think, for the most part, Owl, you reason. When it comes to past conflicts, you let emotion rule. That is unfortunate because it is then the enemy of what I believe would normally rule your views.

      2. There is no reason without emotion, Bees…It is what is called “the moral compass”.

        We have many disagreements over how things should be done, that is not in dispute. Disagreements as to what should be done are rare.

        But I do find it amusing to get you to take flight just for the purpose of getting you up there. It is when I keep you up there is what you should be concerned about…I’ve put a transparent bonnet over you and can predict where your little wings will take you next. :)

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