By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Hey President Trump – we know he didn’t vote for you, but right now, Gov. Charlie Baker is your best friend.

Or at least, he ought to be your role model.

Like you, Baker has political enemies. All successful politicians do.

We know how you like to treat your enemies – with constant name-calling and obsessive focus on them, thus elevating their profile as you model an immature temperament.

You really ought to take a page from Baker’s playbook on this.

For instance, here in Massachusetts, public-employee unions are among Baker’s sworn political enemies, for his opposition to raising the taxes that pay their salaries, his efforts to curb their benefits, and his privatization schemes.

Nonetheless, in his State of the Commonwealth address Tuesday night, the governor issued no less than three shout-outs to unions for their collaboration with reform. They may still back someone else in 2018, but for now they’re getting things done.

There are things that went on during the election that I’m sure still rankle Baker, President Trump. I know people close to him believe that anti-charter school forces violated all sorts of campaign laws in their successful fight against expansion.

But he’s never said a word about it publicly, a stark contrast to your incessant, fact-free whining about alleged voter fraud in an election that you won!

Mr. President, turn off cable news for five minutes and take a good, long look at how Baker handles himself.

Watch, and learn.

Maybe someday you, too, can get high approval ratings and bipartisan standing ovations.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (13)
  1. Patty Lieber says:

    I watched Governor Baker’s speech last night and found it to be so inclusive and positive. What a refreshing contrast to the buffoon who is now leader of our country. Sadly, Mr. Trump could watch Governor Baker for hours but he would learn nothing as his narcissism and twittering would get in the way.

  2. Did you, Jon, ever lecture Barack Obama on the subject of comprimise and consensus during his eight years as our president?

    I, for one, will be delighted to see our executive and legislative counsels reach consensus on a broad range of issues. This election, in many ways, says that The People have spoken rather dramatically about how we have been governed over the past decade.

    I expect to see far reaching change within the federal agencies where people will now be expected to do THEIR jobs or move on.

    Today, there comes a report that the VA has finally gotten rid of some of the poster children for bureaucratic malfeasance.

    Should this continue, we will all be better represented by those who depend on our tax dollars for their employment.

    1. David Keith says:

      “… says that The People have spoken rather dramatically …”

      Given that many more people voted for Hillary, that is a bizzare statement.

    2. bees_knees_6 says:

      In truth, the people elected Clinton. The electorate chose Trump. Although, I do not agree with the electoral process, please do not mistake this for my saying it did anything but what it was designed to do.

      As far as agencies doing what is expected of them, since there is currently a gag order on at least three, how do we know? And if the gag order exists until Trump places his chosen individual in order, I repeat….how do we know? If Spicer is an example of those with whom Trump has surrounded himself, it is quite evident that they will be able to spin untruths darn near as well as the current president.

      I do expect we will see some good. If the VA can be cleaned up, more power to him. It has escaped the attention of too many presidents.

      I also expect for us to see some things that will be damaging. The order to plow ahead on the pipelines, which of course will benefit another country more than the United States as opposed to making American first, is an indication our environment will suffer bigly under this president. I would challenge any individual to deny that we have systematically polluted/damaged every corner of our world. It appears that will not only continue, but will increase.

      So, perhaps there will be some instant gratification. I do hope so. However, at the expense of long-term damage, I’m not on board with that.

      1. @ BK – I agree with your assessment that every corner of our world has been polluted and damaged. Some native bees are very close to being on the endangered list. Trump’s policies on the environment are the exact opposite of my own. I was encouraged to see an article here the other day, reporting that 2 MA legislators are proposing a bill to make MA completely independent of fossil fuels by 2050. That I found exciting. It shows how we can still take action that can protect the planet on a state by state basis. And if we were able to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and increase the use of solar and wind power, then eventually there would be less demand for oil and no need for drilling. I wish we had invested more into doing that before now.

      2. bees_knees_6 says:

        Lizz…I am now living in a small town in MA and have been to several farm activity days where I am treated to small lectures by bee keepers. They are amazing creatures. One bit of information I learned was the solar fields are encouraging the return of some of the flowers we have wiped out and as such attracting bees. It was probably well over a year ago that Concerned American faulted the democrats for not passing many of the bills in front of them. At the time, I searched for those bills and read through perhaps a dozen or so. In every single one there was a hidden (or little known) provision to reduce regulation on pesticides used on our farms. I researched each pesticide and discovered every single one is a known carcinogen. I wish I’d kept the information. There were many bills I never read. After a good sized number where every single one had the same type of hidden agenda, I understood why they had not passed. I think we are in horrific danger even if this continues for four more years. Not just bees, which is bad enough on its own, but our children and all of us as adults.

      3. bees_knees_6 says:

        Lizz, I did some quick digging and I did save some of the information. These are on job bills that the right was accusing the left of not passing or ignoring when the left held the majority. For each bill, I found some provisions tucked into the bills which I consider an excellent reason for not passing. Whatever happened to these bills, I have no idea.

        H.R. 1633 – Prohibits EPAs regulation of “farm dust”
        Farm dust can cause asthma, rhinitis, allergic alveolitis, organic dust toxic syndrome, and chronic bronchitis and toxic Febrile reactions, etc.
        H.R. 1904 – Authorizes a Land Exchange to Allow for Mineral Exploration
        The loophole is that it would delay any environmental impact statement for mining these lands until after the land exchange is completed. (example Clayton Silver Mine, Idaho, major fish kills and cyanide leaching in Alamosa River)
        H.R. 2273 – Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act
        Leaves regulation and enforcement to the states. A component of coal ash (chromium) is known to cause cancer and is highly toxic in small doses
        H.R. 2250 – EPA Regulatory Relief Act of 2011
        Would provide a stay of “Boiler MCAT rules” that govern emissions of mercury and other hazardous air pollutants from approximately 200,000 boilers and incinerators nationwide.

    3. “The people have spoken rather dramatically” That’s a good one Oule. You must be talking about the millions of protesters here and around the world last Saturday. We got conned and the next generations will pay dearly for our tragic mistake.

  3. bees_knees_6 says:

    Charlie Baker should be the role model for all politicians.

  4. David Keith says:

    Apparently, Von Clownstick has no living role models … other than Vlady-boy Putin.

  5. Perhaps, yes. But George W. played nice with the Democrats and the media for eight years and got no better treatment. So while it might make some people feel good if Trump was less combative, it doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference. Trump is not going to win anyone over with his personal style. About the only hope is has is to demonstrate positive results. (and even then…)

    1. bees_knees_6 says:

      The sad part is that if you remove a war based on lies that killed hundreds and left us with a mess that ended up creating a void for terrorism to take over, I think Bush would be remembered as an good president. I was remarkably impressed with how he handled September 11. At the time I remember fully believing Gore would not have handled it as well. When he left office, Bush never got involved…something he needs more credit for. Sadly, I undertand why he felt we needed to go to Iraq. But it was misplaced and it was wrong. His poor numbers really have little to do with whether he worked across the aisle and mostly to do with what turned out to be a horrific error.

  6. Has Baker done anything since his first month in office? He has become Deval 2.0

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