BOSTON (CBS) — The New England Auto Show is open now through the weekend at the South Boston Convention Center and there’s a lot more than cars on display.

You can shop for special paint for your garage floor, ride a driving simulator down a dirt road, or get specialty plates for your car like the wicked pissah and the wicked smaht.

Pete from does wicked custom plates for collectors.

“We sell a lot of them. We have custom license plates, we can replicate a Massachusetts license plate or any antique license plate from any era,” Pete said. “If they have a classic car, we can make a 1964 Massachusetts license plate.”

There are a lot of cars at the show with some nifty features, but if you want to make yours stand out Pete and his plates are the way to go. You’ll also see hydrogen-powered cars and slimmed down vehicles, part of an effort to cut fuel consumption for drivers.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports


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