By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – “The only one (sic) that cares about my tax returns are the reporters,” says President-elect Trump, but that is false.

As the website Politifact points out, a solid majority of the public do want to know what’s in those returns. And it’s not just Trump skeptics who want the truth – before the election honeymoon began, 62-percent of Republicans wanted them released, and the most recent poll shows 60-percent of the public in general still wants to see them.

Also false – Trump’s claim that he can’t release the returns because the IRS is auditing them, an assertion debunked by the IRS.

So, enquiring minds that aren’t warped by partisanship want to know – why won’t Trump release his tax returns?

Consider what a slam-dunk it would be on Trump critics if he did release them and they showed nothing damaging or remarkable?

And even if they revealed that, say, his boasts about his charitable giving were grossly exaggerated, I’m hard-pressed to see how that embarrassment would bother a man who wasn’t notably embarrassed by the Access Hollywood tapes.

Perhaps Trump’s returns show he has exaggerated his wealth. No one would care.

Perhaps they show he paid little or no tax. Again, big deal, we already know he has taken full advantage of tax loopholes in the past.

But maybe they show bad stuff.

As in, I lied when I said I had no Russian financial ties.

There’s an easy way to stick a fork in that speculation.

Why won’t Trump use it?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (11)
  1. Aside from investments, the tax returns would show little or no connection to the Russians…

    Stop trying to drum up controversy on someone you intensely dislike just because you can, Jon.

    Tax returns are private matters, and you can get all YOU need for your so-called Fourth-Estate privilege from his financial disclosure forms.

    Stop with the building of straw men. That sort of thing is what got you into trouble in the first place.

    1. Yeah Theodore and apparently YOUR presidential pick NEEDS MORE PRIVACY than ANYONE ELSE ! Ever read Orwells Animal Farm ? It was Orwells masterpiece on communism written after the end of WWII. Animals took over the farm they inhabited and set off to create an “animal utopia” where all animals would be treated as equals. They came up with a series of 10 “laws” guaranteeing these freedoms . By the end of the book, all the laws were eradicated EXCEPT the last “law”… which was amended to read that “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, but SOME are MORE EQUAL than OTHERS ! ” Welcome to donald dumbf’s america !

  2. During the campaign he said he would release the taxes after the IRS audit. Now he says he won’t. “I won”. We all got conned. Impeachment is the remedy. Congress can and must impeach and remove him from office.

    1. There is a necessity, Roudy, that there be high crimes and misdemeanors in order to just start impeachment procedures. And it isn’t you that get to define what they are.

      And remember, Bill Clinton lying under oath, one of the most serious crimes in our legal system has set the bar VERY, VERY, VERY high for a bill of particulars to pass the House let along achieve a conviction.

      That line is somewhere, now, between Nixon’s actions in the Watergate scandal and Clinton’s lack of truthfulness.

    2. During the second debate, didn’t donald dumbf ALSO say that NOT PAYING TAXES MADE HIM SMART ? I wanna be as “smart ” as our “president-defect” too ….. I’m gonna STOP PAYING MY FEDERAL INCOME TAXES this year … JUST LIKE donald ! Hasn’t he been not paying for the last thirteen or fourteen years ? And he STILL was elected president ? He is NO DOUBT MY HERO ! And, he will be my FAVORITE IDIOT-in-Chief !

  3. Why would he do that? He won, he’s being sworn in next Friday. There is absolutely no reason to do that.

  4. Tony Palmer says:

    Why, what about personal privacy? How about John Edwards, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Harry Reid’s returns? Bet they would reveal their “fair share”of tax payments.

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