By Beth Germano

CONCORD (CBS) – It was unsettling news for students at Concord-Carlisle High School that one of their classmates is accused of making threats of violence against some in their school community.

“I think they’re frightened by the idea of it,” said senior David Cuomo.

Police say disturbing threats were written in a notebook and discovered after the 17-year-old had an outburst in class. “It’s quite clear there were specific threats against individuals of how he’d like to do harm to them. We took quick and appropriate action,” said Concord Police Chief Joseph O’Connor.

School Superintendent Diana Rigby says it was the teen, himself, who turned over the written threats saying it speaks to the strong relationships teachers have built their their students.

The teen was arrested after a mental health evaluation and has been charged with threats to use deadly weapons in the school, including guns and knives against some students, staff and the school resource officer.

“I don’t think it was an actual threat, I think it was a call for help feeling like he wasn’t getting the help he needed,” said senior Conor Smyth.

Classmates who know the teen believe he is more troubled than threatening, and they recently intervened to try to help him. “We’d ask him how’s it going and he’d say not well. We went to guidance a couple of weeks ago but they already seemed to be aware,” said senior Will Palmer.

Police used what they called “reassurance” patrols around the school to make sure students felt safe, as parents applauded their quick action.

“You have to take it seriously. I don’t blame police for following up on it,” said parent Kathy Balles.

Police say it was a potentially dangerous situation but there were protocols in place that worked. They also say the teen is known to police.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports


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