By Louisa Moller, WBZ-TV

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A fisherman in his sixties and two police officers attempting to rescue him fell through the ice into a Plymouth pond on Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters say the man was about 45 feet out on the pond when he fell through the ice and into the water.

Witness Ellen Schipellite called 911. “We were watching and I’m like, what is he doing? And he just kept walking and then, he fell in. So, all I could think of is, what do I do now? So I picked up the phone and called 911,” Schipellite said.

The man’s friend was able to bring a rope out to him and tie it around his waist.

Then, two police officers arrived on the scene. Police say one of them tried to crawl out to the fisherman on his stomach. The other attempted to help his fellow officer and fell through the ice.

When Plymouth Firefighters arrived, one of the officers was back on top of the ice. Firefighters proceeded to rescue all three people by wearing protective suits and using rope.

“The ice was very deceiving because on the left section it was very thick and solid and just a mere foot over to the right it was very thin and you can fall through instantly,” Fire Lt. Jason Pierce said.

The fisherman and the two officers were brought to the hospital to be checked out for hypothermia.


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