HAVERHILL (CBS) – Haverhill Police say they were forced to fire when a man threatened them with a gun and then barricaded himself in a home on Franklin Street Monday afternoon.

The street was sealed off and residents coming home from work were turned away during the standoff.

It was just after 2:30 p.m. when a Haverhill detective spotted 37-year-old Carlos Perez on the sidewalk and confronted the suspected donut shop robber.

“He said ‘I have a gun’ and the officer did see the gun, he attempted to pull it out of his waistband,” said Haverhill Police Lt. Robert Pistone.

Perez ran into a nearby basement and the officers called for backup.

It was not long before officers along with State Police troopers were forcing open the basement door. One officer thought he saw the suspect pointing a pistol and yelled “gun.”

“I will confirm that police did fire but that’s all that I will say for now,” said Lt. Pistone.

Police officer outside Haverhill home where suspect barricaded himself (WBZ-TV)

Police officer outside Haverhill home where suspect barricaded himself (WBZ-TV)

“I heard something that sounded like gunfire, which is kind of normal around here,” a witness said. “Then the cop cars started going by, the helicopters came out.”

Police will not say whether the suspect fired his weapon, or if it was recovered at the scene. They do say no one was hit by any gunfire.

After nearly four hours of negotiations, police say Perez surrendered peacefully.

Perez will be arraigned Tuesday on multiple charges. A Haverhill Police officer has been placed on routine administrative leave.


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