BOSTON (CBS) – Though no snow emergency has been declared in the City of Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh is asking residents to stay off the roads as up to 10 inches could fall in the city.

Walsh joined WBZ-TV on Saturday morning, and said 190 pieces of equipment will be out starting around 11 a.m. to pre-treat roads in advance of Saturday’s storm.

As the storm hits its peak, the city will have about 700 pieces of equipment out clearing snow.

“I’m going to be asking people to stay off the roads today in the City of Boston this afternoon because it’s going to get messy out there,” Walsh told WBZ-TV. “We are hopeful and encouraged the MBTA will be up and running. They’re preparing for it as well.”

Because no snow emergency has been declared, Walsh reminded residents that using space savers is not permitted. Any items left in the street will be collected.

Saturday is trash day in Boston, and Walsh told WBZ-TV trucks have been out early in the morning to avoid having garbage covered by the incoming snow.

Walsh asked residents to help their neighbors during the storm, and encouraged people to clear out fire hydrants.

He also issued a reminder not to throw snow back into the street, and asked commercial property owners not to plow snow into the road.

“If we can all work together to remove the snow rather than push it around, we’ll be in good shape for Monday morning,” Walsh said.

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