By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) – It was the first text John Moberg sent to his wife. “I’m home, I’m safe and I’ll see you soon.”

He and fellow passengers arriving at Logan Airport Friday afternoon were among the last to leave Ft. Lauderdale before the shots rang out. “It’s very scary, we were right there for hours, it could have been anybody,” said passenger Luciani Vandermark.

Another passenger, Andrew Ingram, said he looked forward to seeing his wife and children. “It’s emotional sure, but we’re here,” he said.

Steven Bannon says he knew something was wrong as he looked out the window as his plane pulled away from the gate. “We just got on the plane and I see people sprinting onto the runway you could tell something bad was happening,” Bannon said. “I don’t know how we were able to take off.”

Sean Driscoll was face-timing from the tarmac with his co-worker Jamie Wilson who made it safely to Boston while Driscoll was caught up in the chaos.

“The panic set in and the TSA tried to get everybody outdoors. People were trampling all over each other, it was chaotic at best,” Driscoll said. Wilson says he’s thankful and thinking of the families involved in the tragedy.

At Logan there were noticeable signs of stepped up security as a precaution. For the passengers on JetBlue Flight 1070 it was all just sinking in. “It’s surreal not knowing. We were lucky we got out on one of the last two planes.”

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