CHASKA, Minn. (CBS) – The creator of MyPillow is standing up for his invention after the Better Business Bureau revoked his company’s accreditation.

MyPillow’s rating was lowered to an “F” by the BBB because of a long-running “buy one get one free” offer. The BBB says such deals need to be limited-time-only because otherwise it becomes the normal price of the product.

CBS News reports that MyPillow founder Michael Lindell is taking issue with the BBB’s conclusions.

“If they feel I ran it too long that’s, you know, I don’t agree with that,” Lindell said. “And I have my new ads coming out in January.”

The BBB says there are hundreds of complaints about MyPillow, including customers upset about “false advertising.” The BBB has urged MyPillow to modify its offer, but it doesn’t sound like Lindell is on board.

“I had to make a decision as a CEO and I’m going to live with that decision I made. So people got great deals for Christmas from MyPillow,” he said. “Whatever the BBB does now, that’s their choice.”

CBS News also notes that MyPillow agreed to pay $1 million in penalties after California prosecutors sued the company for claims that the patented pillows can improve health conditions like sleep apnea and fibromyalgia.


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