BOSTON (CBS) — Stephen Gostkowski knows what it’s like to kick a big field goal in the NFL Playoffs. But that’s nothing compared to fixing a faulty printer and rescuing the office … right?

A new commercial for Pepsi’s new #BreakOutThePepsi campaign stars the Patriots kicker. A man named Jim fixes a printer among frustrated co-workers before taking a sip of a Pepsi can and imagining that it must feel the same when Gostkowski kicks a 50-yard field goal.

At the end, Gostkowski kicks a field goal and thinks to himself, “This must be what it felt like when Jim fixed the printer.”

The #BreakOutThePepsi campaign has also featured Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. imagining how it must have felt to win a game of ring toss and beat the best checkers player in the neighborhood. Hopefully, for the Patriots’ sake, more big kicks are coming for Gostkowski in the playoffs.


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