BOSTON (AP) — Drivers who stop in bicycle lanes could face fines of up to $50 under a bill Massachusetts lawmakers have delivered to Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.

The bill is in part a response to the increasing use of bicycles for exercise and to commute.

A growing number of cities and towns have created bike lanes to help bikes and cars better navigate crowded streets and to prevent collisions that can turn deadly for bicyclists.

Lawmakers passed another bill to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

The bill would let Massachusetts cities and towns enforce electric vehicle-only parking and amend building codes to make it easier to charge electric vehicles.

Both bills were passed late Tuesday in the waning hours of the Legislature’s 2015-2016 session.

Lawmakers began their new two-year session Wednesday.

  1. jackwalsh50 says:

    I don’t mind the fines and all, I’m just not at all sure I can make sense of the pavement markings.

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