BOSTON (CBS) — With a week off before their first playoff game, the New England Patriots are keeping it light in the locker room.

Three of their rookies were a little lighter atop their heads, too, receiving some friendly haircuts from the New England veterans.

Offensive lineman Joe Thuney now features a shaved stripe down the middle of his dome. He wouldn’t say if this was part of a hazing ritual or a team bonding experience, but nevertheless, he’s happy with his new do.

“My hair was getting a little long, so I just wanted to change it up a bit,” Thuney told reporters on Monday. “People helped, so that was nice.”

Patriots rookie Joe Thuney was all smiles when showing off his new haircut on Monday. (WBZ-TV)

Patriots rookie Joe Thuney was all smiles when showing off his new haircut on Monday. (WBZ-TV)

Thuney wasn’t sure if those who gave him a hand with his cut actually have any background in the tonsorial arts, but it sounds like he got off fairly easy. Fellow rookie offensive lineman Ted Karras was also treated to a new look and now has an elaborate pattern of cornrows, including a racing stripe on the side. Third-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett was the smartest of the trio, donning a hat while reporters were in the locker room.

But according to veteran safety Patrick Chung, Brissett’s “hairdressers” shouldn’t consider a change in careers anytime soon.

“He looked like George Jefferson,” said Chung, saying Brissett got the worse of the three.

When asked who has the better of the new looks, Thuney said both he and Karras are pretty styling.

“He looks good. I think we both pull it off pretty well,” said Thuney. “We’re all tight on the offensive line. It’s been a great group and I couldn’t be happier with the guys I’m with.”

Karras didn’t say what head coach Bill Belichick thinks of their new look, instead opting to channel his inner-Belichick.

“We’re here to just work and improve from last week’s game. Just try to get better,” he said.

Well played, rook. Now maybe go visit a real barber, just to even things up a little bit.



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