By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – The cost to park in some Boston neighborhoods is tripling at meters.

The year long pilot program in Boston kicked off Tuesday for people looking to park in the Back Bay and Seaport neighborhoods.

“I just have to stop over here at a store for two minutes, I put two quarters in and realized I’ve only got 8 minutes,” said Charlie Doar.

Sixteen hundred spots in the Back Bay jumped from $1.25 an hour to $3.75 an hour. In the Seaport more than 500 metered parking spots are now up to $1.50 an hour. Those Seaport spots will adjust 50 cents every two months depending on demand, but will max out at $4.

“I had no idea until you told me and I would have walked up and had that sticker shock,” said driver Shallan Miller.

The hours old initiative created anxiety and frustration Tuesday night.

“Absurd, absurd, I’m outraged to be honest,” said driver Abby Neel.

The hike forced Neel to adjust her plans.

“Ya we were gonna stay and have dinner here, but four hours was gonna be $14,” said Neel.

The mayor’s office says the performance parking initiative will free up parking spots by forcing people who plan to stay awhile to take public transportation or use off street parking lots. The hope is this also limits drivers circling streets looking for spots and reduces traffic.

Money from the pilot program will be reinvested back into the community according to the mayor’s office.

Drivers are being encouraged to download the city’s Park Boston App to keep up with the changes.

Comments (2)
  1. I saw this on the news this morning and all I could think about is how much it makes it harder for people to afford to shop or visit Boston from the suburbs if they are not made of money. And they are doing this on Newbury Street and the Seaport district. So keep inching people of the middle class out of areas of the city. So the Seaport district belongs to the wealthy, is that the message you are trying to give? The city of Boston invested all this money in the Seaport district and now they would like to reserve it for those who can afford to park there? There are lots all over the city that are too expensive as it is, and now you want to make the meters so expensive that it discourages people from coming into the city?

    Whatever the intention was, to reduce congestion or encourage using the T or whatever, to me, this was the wrong way to go about it. And they want to encourage using the T, when the T has been so dysfunctional and unreliable? And reducing congestion, so you want fewer visitors to the city? Forcing people to use the T – the only people it will force are middle and lower income taxpayers. Those with the bucks will just have an easier time finding a space.

  2. This pilot program should be allowed to crash.

    Instead, it will be declared a success, popular with people and spread further about the city.

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