BOSTON (AP) — Certified nurse practitioners would be allowed to authorize medical marijuana use by patients under new rules proposed by Massachusetts health officials.

Public hearings on that and other revisions to the medical marijuana program are scheduled on Tuesday in Boston and on Thursday in Holyoke.

Under current rules, patients need permission from their doctors before they can register to use pot for certain medical condition. Under the proposed new rule, nurse practitioners could provide certification, although a physician must still certify use by any minor.

Another proposed change would allow caregiving institutions to register with the state to administer medical marijuana, rather than forcing each employee to register separately.

Massachusetts voters approved medical marijuana in 2012 and more recently gave the OK for recreational marijuana use by adults.

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  1. Sean Higgins says:

    And medical marijuana is still not widespread and they’ve delayed the implementation of the rec marijuana. Complete incompetency.

    1. If we had more surrogate growers, we would have no need for commercial outlets, we’d just share among groups and donations/contributions would cover the growers costs. If this was in place, we’d be looking at a crop share program offering one ounce a month in return for a $100.00 donation.

  2. Cindy Stone says:

    The only doctors that have prescribed it are the Out Of State big buck doctors that came to our state ONLY to do this and nothing else. No other doctors like regular primary care doctors will touch it with a ten foot pole. Will be nice to see a bunch of lower paid nurses open up a few facilities to maybe bring down the price of getting a license. Competition is where its at.

    1. Surrogate Growers and Crop Share Programs would bring down costs. #MA is earmarked for a corporate grow center and Sen. Warren is working out banking rules associated with cannabis. We also have Gov. Baker putting the brakes on the ability to grow from home. #MA will legalize fully and commercially when #MA leaders can ensure every tax dollar will be received.

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