BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts lawmakers are getting a pay raise in the new year.

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration announced Thursday that the annual base compensation for members of the House and Senate will go from the current $60,032 to $62,547, an increase of about 4.2 percent.

Under a 1998 amendment to the state constitution, salaries for legislators are tied to changes in the median household income for Massachusetts residents during the previous two-year period.

The governor is responsible for ascertaining the rate.

The new salary will be in effect for the 2017-2018 legislative session, which formally begins on Wednesday.

Legislative leaders and committee chairs earn extra pay. Many lawmakers also receive travel allowances for commuting from their districts to the Statehouse.

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  1. Alan B Flood says:

    Now that is very interesting> Why not tie their increase to the rate of inflation used for social security recipients? That seems much fairer to me and a better sign that they are concerned with the lack of increase in state revenues – they yelled and screamed with state budgets were recently cut by the governor for lack of state revenues to support programs. I just got a .o3 increase in my SS and ah ha my Medicare part B went up by the same dollar amount. In the meantime my Part C insurance went up and my part D while the monthly premium went down all my prescriptions now have higher co pays even tho I am on the gold plan offered by that insurance company . The drugs I have been on for 16 years for my heart now have copays including the very inexpensive generic heart medications that I am on .. What will the state do when the white collar senior citizens have to hit the streets to find ways to supplement the SS joke they were promised during their lifetime of working. You think the millennials and occupy wall streeters caused problems – wait till the country sees what people who worked all their lives and have the skills to really raise hell hit the streets – the democrats and rinos in this state will fall like dominos.

  2. Ed Hall says:

    Lawmakers should get the same increase as Social Security recipients.

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