BOSTON (CBS) – Each month, WBZ Cares highlights a worthy non-profit organization, and tells the story of what that organization does for the community.

This month organization “Christmas in the City,”provides holiday magic and memories to Boston-area homeless and needy families.

As if the “Christmas in the City” big Christmas party for homeless and needy families isn’t big enough, the day after is “Monday Mania,” for families who are not homeless, but need help.

“It is a mania,” said Jake Kennedy, Founder of Christmas In The City said.

“So many people want to come to our big party, and I don’t blame them. And we don’t want to turn anyone away. But many families then say well I’m not in a homeless shelter, but I am truly desperate. And they are desperate. And they are just looking for toys for their children. And there used to be a hundred families we take care of, and then we saw the need out there and it just grows and grows.”

Kennedy says everyone gets what they need.

There’s decorations, there’s Christmas music and it’s wonderful, but they get toys for all the kids. They fill up their bags. They get stuffed animals, books. Every single person who comes gets winter clothing.”

From humble beginnings 28-years ago “Christmas in the City” now helps thousands, and volunteer Maureen Rodgers is happy about the work they do.

“It’s actually a fun and very warm opportunity. People are treated with dignity and affection,” she said.

Volunteer Rodney Beldo says he enjoys giving people a brief respite from the suffering they may experience on the street.

“It’s become a fear we live in. in the neighborhoods and the inner city, and the gangs and the violence, but “Christmas in the City” defiantly takes you away from all that. It gives you a sense of hope that things are going to change.” Beldo said.

For more information about “Christmas in the City,” visit


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