By Beth Germano

WOBURN (CBS) — Lindsey Keane remembers her 15-month-old son Noah, who died four months ago after suffering a traumatic brain injury while being cared for by a babysitter inside a Woburn apartment.

“He would sit on the couch with me. If he was in my arms he would never leave.”

Noah Larson is seen in this family photo. (WBZ-TV)

Noah Larson is seen in this family photo. (WBZ-TV)

She won’t soon forget the call she received from the caretaker on August 15.

“She told me Noah was unresponsive. She thinks he was having a seizure,” Keane said.

Noah was on life support for three days before they had to let him go. His twin sister Amelia is also recovering from fractures.

But in more than four months, there’s been no final determination on the cause of death from the medical examiner, and Paul Larson says no answers about how their son died.

“This is definitely a criminal case and it has gone on long enough. No one has been charged and I just want to know why nothing has been done.”

The family wears t-shirts that say “Noah Strong” as they press for justice. They’ve even taken their cause public, holding signs outside Woburn City Hall to make sure this case is not forgotten.

“In just the way it was described to us, the significance and magnitude of it, there’s no way this was accidental,” said Lindsey Keane.

It’ll be their first Christmas without Noah, and the greatest gift in the new year would finally being able to heal.

“Unfortunately it’s not going to bring our son back, but knowing some answers and where this is going will bring us closure as a family because we haven’t had that yet,” said Paul Larson.


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