BOSTON (CBS) — ‘Tis the season, to be jolly, to celebrate peace on earth and goodwill toward men–and, it seems, to get thrown off airplanes for being a jerk.

That’s apparently what happened to a man who was angered by the sight of Ivanka Trump, daughter of the president-elect, boarding their Jet Blue flight to Hawaii along with her children.

“Your father is ruining the country. Why is she on our flight?” this guy apparently yelled at Trump. According to TMZ, as he was ejected from the flight he screamed, “‘You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?!!’”

Why, yes, Mr. Scrooge.

The airlines seem to have a low tolerance these days for unnecessary disturbances on their flights.

Just the other day a so-called YouTube star who specializes in hoax videos exploiting religious and racial tensions was thrown off a flight after exchanging words with other passengers.

He claimed he was just speaking Arabic on the phone with his mother, and was victimized by racists; others say the guy was looking to make a scene, camera at the ready.

I’m sure these and other creeps who think a crowded airplane is a good venue for them to act out believe they hold the moral high ground, but put me down as someone who doesn’t want to hear about it.

I will be taking a long plane ride soon, and I want to get in my seat, put in my earbuds, and quietly mind my own business without being disturbed, other than to be served ginger ale.

I urge all others to adopt the same approach.

Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, as the old saying goes, than to open it and remove all doubt.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

You can listen to Keller At Large on WBZ News Radio every weekday at 7:55 a.m. You can also watch Jon on WBZ-TV News.


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