BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots knew that Michael Floyd was drunk behind the wheel when they claimed the recently-released receiver off waivers. But they did not know how drunk he was until the police report was released on Wednesday.

According to Floyd’s arrest report from the Scottsdale Police Department, the 27-year-old had a .217 BAC at the time of his arrest — nearly three-times the legal limit. It’s classified as a “super extreme” DUI in Arizona, and Floyd would face a mandatory 45 days in jail if convicted.

Floyd was released by the Arizona Cardinals shortly after his arrest, and was claimed by New England last week. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick told reporters on Thursday that he and the team did not know of the receiver’s high BAC when they claimed him, as the numbers were just made public on Wednesday.

Asked if such a high number changed his opinion of the matter, Belichick said he could not comment.

“Yeah, again, he’s in a legal situation,” Belichick replied. “I can’t comment on his legal situation. Appreciate you asking about it though, I really do.”

The coach was clearly agitated by receiving questions about Floyd’s DUI for the second straight day.

Floyd, who was inactive for New England’s win over the Broncos on Sunday, hit the practice field with his new team on Wednesday.

It’s still unclear if he will make his Patriots debut on Saturday when the team hosts the New York Jets.

Comments (4)
  1. Glenn Mulno says:

    At some level, what difference does it make to the Pats this season if he was drunk or completely $#!+ faced? Drunk driving is drunk driving and there is no grey area. If he has to spend 45 days in jail in the off season they can deal with it then.

  2. frpsr says:

    There seems to be a race where the competitors announce the goal of the activity through the assumed procedural anonymity of supposedly innocent questions about team activities . These are then pressed into the service of duping the most successful gentleman of his , or any , generation who has accepted the responsibility of producing a group of men dedicated to the challenge of competing at the highest level he can bring them , or , coach them to .
    Yet these intrepid fellows try , insist on , trying the patience of this gentle fellow , despite there being an entire encyclopedia of experience , knowledge , and memory , of events such as the futility of entertaining the back biting speculative nonsense these ‘little competitions’ offer , lead into , and the dreck is all on the side tolerating nonsense .
    Rather than offer speculative fishing trips where this man has his personality centered , the race into obscurity predictably follows the path of
    “He said… , or , He did not say…”
    I suppose it is best to end on two words , go figure …

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