BOSTON (CBS) – Each month, WBZ Cares highlights a worthy non-profit organization, and tells the story of what that organization does for the community.

This month’s organization “Christmas in the City,”provides holiday magic and memories to Boston-area homeless and needy families.

They’ve been doing this for the last 28 years. “Christmas in the City” puts on a big Christmas feast for homeless kids and their families, and makes sure each child gets the toy he or she wants. Founder Jake Kennedy says it’s much more than food and toys.

“We have the Museum of Science, Museum of Fine of Arts, we have the Aquarium, we have Zoo New England, all around the area, where the kids come in so they can eat and they can get up and go to any of these hands-on exhibits. Tom Brady’s hairstylist comes and he brings his whole staff to cut hair. We have dentists. We have doctors. We have health information. We have job fair information,” He said.

It’s a special day for families that need help.

“This isn’t a day where they have to wait in line. This isn’t a day where they have to worry about anything. And it’s not just the kids but the parent’s day off and they love it so much” Kennedy said.

And the parents and kids love it but Jake Kennedy says despite all the fun and all the toys, that big guy with the big beard is still the main attraction.

“The funny part is, no matter what we have, they are waiting for Santa. No matter where they come from, it’s bedlam when the parade breaks out and Santa brings up the rear, it’s just the look on the kids’ faces, he just truly is the rock star.”

For more information about “Christmas in the City,” visit


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