By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Better get ready, the final report cards on the Obama presidency are going to be pouring in over the next few weeks as we approach its end. And we got a jump start on it Tuesday with a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll that assessed what people think were his greatest achievements and biggest failures.

Unsurprisingly, Obamacare was the winner in both categories.

For people who could never afford health insurance before, those who can no longer be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, and parents hoping to keep their 20-something kids covered by their own plan for a bit longer, the health care reform has been a plus.

For those who saw Obamacare as a deeply-flawed big-government boondoggle shoved through Congress on a straight party-line vote, or just folks who got hit with sky-high deductibles and couldn’t keep their doctor as promised, it’s been a dud.

It’ll be interesting to see if views of Obamacare change once the new president does away with it, if, in fact, he does.

But the poll finding that jumped out at me most was the 22-percent who cited economic recovery from the 2008 recession as the president’s greatest achievement.

I remember all the talk during the 2008 presidential race about how Obama was a socialist bent on dismantling our capitalist economy.

Nothing, it turned out, could have been further from the truth.

Now, the titans of capitalism are being summoned to D.C. to unleash their preferred policies on the economy.

It will be fascinating to see if they get better results than our alleged socialist president achieved.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:


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