BOSTON (CBS) — You may picture Bill Belichick as more of a Grinch-like creature, one who can’t be bothered by all this holiday mumbo jumbo.

He did just shoot down questions about his Christmas list last week, wanting to stick to football. But apparently the aroma of hot chocolate and candy canes has gotten to the Patriots head coach, who admitted Wednesday that he loves to hit the streets and spread some holiday cheer with some old fashioned caroling.

It’s been a few days since Fox Sports tweeted out a mashup of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick “singing” Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas: 

Asked if he’d seen the video on Wednesday, Belichick replied that he had not. So a reporter played him a little snippet, which the coached seemed to enjoy.

That’s when the questioning got tough. The coached was asked if it’s true or false that he goes out and sings carols every year.

“I love caroling,” he deadpanned with a huge grin.

Unfortunately, Belichick did not provide a sample of his winter hits. But if you hear some holiday classics (or Bon Jovi) coming from a hooded gentleman in the Foxboro area, don’t be surprised if it’s Bill Belichick himself.


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