BOSTON (CBS) — The Red Sox traded Clay Buchholz on Tuesday, a deal that for many fans and media members felt like it was years in the making. Buchholz has long been one of Boston’s biggest targets for scorn in a Red Sox career defined by inconsistency, injuries, and frustration, interspersed with flashes of brilliance.

For many fans on social media, Buchholz’s tantalizing potential was no longer worth the frustration of waiting for him to reach it. Thus, the merciful end of the Buchholz era was met with mostly excitement and clever quips.

Here is a sampling of how fans on Twitter received the Buchholz news …

Of course, not quite everyone liked the trade. Amid a wave of celebration, Felger & Mazz’s Tony Massarotti and James Stewart were not so excited.

There are legitimate concerns with the Buchholz trade; the Red Sox’ depth at the back-end of the rotation is full of uncertainty and they are now fielding an extremely lefty-heavy staff. But for many in Red Sox Nation – and, apparently, the Red Sox themselves – the need for right-handed depth did not outweigh the headaches associated with Buchholz’s presence on the roster.

  1. Sorry Mazz but I just can’t imagine how bad things must get to have to rely on Clay Buchholz to save your season. If Clay is the final brick in the wall then the wall is going to come tumbling down anyway.

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