BOSTON (CBS) — Former Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather joined Toucher & Rich for his weekly interview on Wednesday, hitting on a number of topics from picking up ladies to slow quarterbacks in the NFL.

Tom Brady ran for a pair of key first downs in Sunday’s win over Pittsburgh, but he’s seen as one of the slowest QBs in the league. Meriweather said Brady is slow, but thinks Eli Manning is slower.

“Eli might be one of the smartest quarterbacks in the league. As for when it’s time to escape, yes I do [think he’s the slowest]. He has no gas, none at all,” said Meriweather. “I might beat Eli in a race running backwards. I might beat Tom too, now that I think about it.

“But Tom will shake you too. Remember when he shook Brian Urlacher?” recalled Meriweather. “At that time, Urlacher was up for Defensive Player of the Year.”

As for picking up the ladies, Meriweather says he once had six new friends join him after a night at the club. But it’s not something he’d recommend to everyone.

“There’s always one that wants more attention than you can give them. It gets to be a pain more than fun,” he said. “To be honest, two could actually be a pain. Unless you have two good friends, two can be a pain too. One would think she looks better than the other, or one doesn’t look as good as the other and is trying to put salt in the thing. Me, I try to grab one and be out.”

Listen to the full interview below (at least what was allowed over the airwaves), including T&R’s 5 Questions for Meriweather:


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