10/24 5:05pm: Over the air broadcast transmission of WBZ-TV and WSBK-TV has been restored.

Engineers replaced damaged sections of a transmission line that affected several Boston broadcast stations on Saturday at 4:20pm.

Power was restored today on WSBK-TV at 4:06pm and WBZ-TV at 4:12pm.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

10/24 10:50am: After the storm on Friday evening, a problem at a shared transmission site knocked out the signal for some WBZ-TV/WSBK-TV viewers from Saturday at 4:20pm until present.

As of this morning, tower crews found sections of a damaged transmission line at the top of the tower (at approximately 1,200 feet).

Engineers are on-site inspecting the antenna for any additional damage, and repairs are being made to the transmission line.

WBZ-TV/WSBK-TV are continuing to work with tower crews and engineers in restoring over-the-air broadcasting as quickly as possible.

We will update you as more information becomes available.

10/23 8:45pm: In a statement released by President and General Manager, Mark Lund:

Tonight, we would like to extend our sincere apologies to our loyal viewers.

There was a disruption of service over the past 24 hours, due to a transmission issue, that mainly affected our over-the-air viewers. We understand this is both frustrating and inconvenient.

Please know that WBZ-TV is continuing to work around the clock to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We will continue to provide updates on air and on our website at cbsboston.com as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

10/23 3:30p.m.: As of Sunday afternoon, the New England Patriots vs the Pittsburgh Steelers game will be available to previously disrupted Direct TV and Charter subscribers.

WBZ-TV is continuing to work to resolve service issues for other impacted viewers.

We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

10/23 11:05 a.m.: On late Saturday afternoon, a problem at a shared transmission site knocked out the signal to some WBZ-TV viewers.

The outage has mainly affected Dish, Direct TV, and over-the-air viewers.

Most cable viewers have not been affected by the transmission issue.

WBZ-TV is working around the clock with tower crews to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

We will update you as more information becomes available.


Comments (355)
  1. Gary Unger says:

    Has affected cable viewers. RCN here…no signal all afternoon into this evening.

    1. Jenny says:

      I’m hearing Comcast is getting CBS stations

    2. Laxman Chandwani says:

      No OTA signal in Sharon, MA also. I am not getting WCVB also

  2. Fred says:

    RCN Cable is also out. Wsbk is also out too.

  3. G Greene says:

    Contacted RCN over 2 hours ago about not receiving Channel 4 WBZ programming. Still no signal for the station so it is affecting cable viewers….

  4. P Lewis says:

    Thank you for placing a notice about Over-the Air Brodacast technical difficulties on the website tonight. When the Needham transmission tower equipment failed in 2012, it was nigh impossible to get any information about what happened from the affected stations. WBZ 4, WSBK 38, WGBX 44 are currently off the air. WCVB 5 is also affected, but appears to be using its low power back-up transmitter to broadcast a weak signal.

    1. D says:

      Agree with you. This is the only information been able to find. No mention on wcvb or wgbh. Amazing that there is nothing mentioned when news and communication outlets are down or impaired – they can’t report on themselves? Guess it proves how selective they are, and it’s not about customer service. Sad in this day and age.

    2. P Lewis says:

      Yesterday’s heavy winds and rain are likely factors in the Needham antenna tower’s failure and the delay in getting back on the air. It’s a heroic effort to scale the over 1000 feet tall tower! The elevator only goes part way up. The rest of the tower is scaled by climbing outdoors in the elements. Ditto to haul up rigging, equipment, and parts. It’s not a simple matter to inspect, test, or conduct repairs on such a structure. It probably wasn’t safe to attempt an ascent until the rains moved out. Several cable companies provide these stations by capturing the OTA broadcast and re-transmitting that over their network. So, yes, many cable subscribers will lose these channels for now. Tonight, I will ‘view’ “60 Minutes” on the radio. WBZ AM radio 1040 broadcasts the program at 7 p.m. WBZ’s AM radio station is a long-distance “clear channel” with extensive geographic reach. Try it!

      1. Roger says:

        @Tony C.: Your post is spot on. CBS Boston’s broadcast license requires them to provide a reliable over-the-air broadcast as part the lucrative contract they have for this channel. Clueless folks like Mike don’t understand why taxpayers reasonably expect this to be provided, rather than pay an additional fee for cable or satellite services.

        That’s why I and other say file a complaint with the FCC: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us

      2. I totally agree with your statement, the men or woman who has to scale that is putting their life at risk trying to fix the transmission. God bless the technician people who have to do that work.

  5. Donna L says:

    I have Charter in Worcester and it’s been out here as well.

    1. Bill D. says:

      I live in Worcester also and have Charter. No CBS HD, or regular CBS channel as well as WSBK and Decades. Been out since 4 p.m. Saturday.

  6. ELaw says:

    I haven’t been able to get a good OTA signal since the switch to digital, so for me it’s business as usual. :^(

  7. ELaw says:

    Interesting that they mention “CBS programming can be viewed on CBS All Access” but fail to mention you have to pay for it.

  8. HDR says:

    Metrocast Cable in New Hampshire is out too…no forthcoming information ..very frustrating.

  9. JAR says:

    Very frustrating…no CBS on Charter Cable. Not paying for CBS All Access…ridiculous!

  10. telegonus says:

    I’m down, did an antenna search a couple of times,–no cable here–live in Boston, no signal, which is weird since I live not that far from WBZ.

  11. MIKE says:


  12. t.gunn says:

    not good enough, who ever filed report should be ashamed of themselves no info at all , no timeline of when it will be fixed , not like this is the first time its happened. if it was affecting comcast viewers you’d better believe you would get more info. and it would be fixed already.

    1. telegonus says:

      The worst part of it for me is that their substation, on antenna 4.2, had been scheduled to run a marathon of the old horror anthology Thriller series this Saturday & Sunday for Halloween. I’d been looking forward to watching at least some of it for some time now and now it looks like there’s going to be, maybe, literally, NONE OF IT. They ought to reschedule it for next weekend. For those of us without cable this is, in the vernacular, a big time bummer.

      1. pkingman says:

        I hope we get to see the football game Sunday afternoon.

      2. telegonus says:

        Good luck, pkingman and all football fans. An old black and white TV show from the 60s is one thing, but sports is serious business!

  13. Jeff Krieger says:

    This seems a bi-annual event. You guys have some real issues. The FCC should be contacted by all affected to see what the deal is.

  14. Peter Kingman says:

    It is amazing that WBZ radio said absolutely nothing about this problem at least for hours. Same with CBS Boston website. I began to wonder if WBZ-TV even knew that they were not getting out. Is the station completely automated now with nobody monitoring anything? Unbelievable and very unprofessional operation. It used to be that people could rely on this station.

  15. Ali says:

    I hope everything is fixed by the start of the Patriots game tomorrow.

  16. Richard says:



  17. Joe says:

    WPRI (12.1 from Providence) will also carry CBS football games.

  18. Peter m says:

    Still no reception hope they fix it before the game today not paying for all access

  19. Brian says:

    Nothing on DIRECTV either … Hope they get this fixed before the Pats game or there might be a riot… lol

  20. Roger says:

    Time to file a complaint with the FCC. When this last happened in April 2012, a WBZ spokesperson made the cavalier statement that only 7% of their viewers watch WBZ over-the-air. WBZ’s television license requires them to broadcast an over-the-air signal for good reason.

    1. Rorvig says:

      Have read through all the comments (very entertaining) and am amused that 100% are upset about the Pats, no mention at all of 60 Minutes or other shows. Hey, WBZ, how about making Madam Secretary and Elementary available all week long, online, for the OTA viewers who still have black screen? Just doing it for one day will not work, because too many will try to watch at the same time.

      Stay safe out there. We will survive until it can be fixed.

  21. Mo says:

    Was watching the No. 1 Alabama v. No. 6 Texas A&M – both undefeated. Texting during the game with my son who goes to A&M. Then CBS goes dead. Still is! Thanks!

    1. Mo says:

      Charter cable here, so “most cable viewers not effected” seems like BS to me.

  22. Sim Zimmer says:

    Still out in Worcester!

  23. B says:

    WBZ and WSBK cable out since yesterday. Sure hope it gets fixed before the pats game this afternoon!

  24. Susan Wilkins says:

    This is the second time this has happened. Hope it gets fixed before the Patriots play!

  25. kj says:

    When will this be fixed. WBZ can you please update us?

  26. pr says:

    I just checked with Directv they have no idea when WBZ will be back….any updates from Channel 4

  27. David Ridlon says:

    WBZ TV is off the air in Worcester / Charter Communications. What are the alternatives for football today, Sunday? Why is this story and remedy options not a front page story on the WBZ website? There is no information when you call the WBZ studio. C’mon.

  28. pr says:

    Directv advised me to check CBS access…but the comment from WBZ if that NFL does not broadcast on CBS access…any other ideas??? would be appreciated….Is it available on the internet//

  29. Joseph L. Matthews says:

    Just spoke with my cable provider and they state its a CBS Transmission issue. So this has been in effect for over 20Hrs and you still cant give a more detailed update as to what the problem is? It’s one thing not being able to watch the Bama/Texas AM game its another if this is not corrected by the time Pats vs Steelers is on.

  30. pr says:

    CBS programming can be viewed on CBS All Access. Note that the NFL does not broadcast its games on CBS All Access. What good is it to advise us about CBS access..if NFL is not available How about an update…

    1. MG says:

      I have CBS all access and all I can see when I try to stream live is a black screen…

  31. Joan Lynch says:

    Truly very sad that they have not fixed this yet, what is the problem with letting us know what’s going on!!

  32. pkingman says:

    This is the first time in the 68 years that WBZ-TV has been around that they have been off the air for such a long period of time. When the tower fell on the building during Hurricane Carol in 1954 they were back on the air quicker than this. My father was an engineer at this station for 30 years. He is rolling in his grave if he can see the disgraceful way management is keeping people informed about this situation. They are not keeping people informed. They have a website and a powerful radio station and they cannot tell us much of anything.

    1. ELaw says:

      In 1954 they had a full-time engineer on staff (possibly more than one). Now they don’t… and look what’s happened.

    2. Carter Burger says:

      back then, you didn’t have to go through five levels of corporate hell just to order a wrench from Grainger. You did what you needed to do to keep things running. Not anymore. You have to justify every dime to a corporate bean counter in New York who’s clueless about what it takes to keep a TV station on the air. So it’s easier to just not bother with anything and hope a day like this never comes…..because when it does, you’ll get blamed for it either way.

  33. Annoyed Viewer says:

    How hard would it be to stream to the website during the outage?


  34. Mo says:

    How hard would it be to post an update with some real information in it?

  35. Nancy Blaisdell says:

    I hope the Pats know their game may not be televised today. Maybe they could leverage some additional passion to fix this problem. I have Charter in Pepperell which is affected.

  36. Not Happy says:

    Ya’ll got seven hours to fix this before the Pats game or I’m coming down there.

  37. pkingman says:

    It happens that the Massachusetts State Police have all their stuff in WBZ’s parking lot right next to the station’s auxiliary tower. The cops are there to protect the gathering for the Head of the Charles Regatta going on right now. I’m wondering whether the cops have accidentally caused the problem.

    1. Roger says:

      “This is the first time in the 68 years that WBZ-TV has been around that they have been off the air for such a long period of time.”

      Nope — this is a repeat of the very same nonsense that happened in April 2012. It happens once, fine, fix the equipment and move on. Now that it’s happened twice, it’s clear the investment is not being made in reliable equipment or maintenance. Like I said in my prior post, people affected should post a complaint to the FCC (https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=33794). WBZ’s broadcasting license requires them to maintain an over-the-air signal. Hopefully a stiff fine from the FCC will knock WBZ management back in line.

      1. pkingman says:

        How long was over the air transmission completely out in 2012?

      2. Bob says:

        Seriously? CBS has invested millions of dollars in their transmitter. It’s one of the best facilities in Boston. I guess you don’t understand sometimes stuff happens. Filing a complaint with the FCC is not only a waste of time, it creates a lot of useless noise that legitimate complaints have to then get through.

  38. Kenn Bourque says:

    I just descovered that CBS/WBZ Local web page will Chrome Cast to my Sony Android Google TV. If you have the Chrome cast USB plug in on a TV you’ll be able to watch Live TV from your lAptop or Desktop.


  39. Kathy says:

    I also have Charter and no WBZ! I need it because I’m a WBZ weather watcher!

  40. Catherine Mcwilliams says:

    I agree with not happy,this HAS to be fixed by the start of the Pats Game,or we’ll be coming with you” Not Happy”

  41. Mo says:

    It’s going to be cold, windy, and sunny today. You’re welcome.

  42. indigoafloat says:

    Problems in the trenches or on the tower…?

    Ya need some heavy copper wire, or what?

  43. Mo says:

    Time to switch to FIOS.

  44. David Ridlon says:

    I have Charter in Holden – right nex to Worcester – No channel 4

  45. Kenn Bourque says:

    Hold on that.. I might be wrong. I have to do more research.

  46. Chrissy says:

    I live in Southie ( The Heights ) do NOT have cable, receive about 48 channels and this is the first time channels: 4, 38, 38/2 ( new channel ) and 44/1, 2, 3 and 4 have been out. What is the meaning of ‘transmission’ issue.

  47. Deb says:

    Your misinformed it HAS effected cable, BELD=Braintree Electric Light Dept has left voicemail that outage is not their issues its yours

  48. tl says:

    No backup contingencies and/or emergency plans? Incompetent management and poor engineering. Such extended outages are inexcusable and avoidable with proper foresight and planning. I certainly hope that their advertisers are taking note that their paid-for ads are not reaching 100% of their intended audiences/markets.

  49. Scott Johnson says:

    Cable Shrewsbury out no WBZ in town

  50. Deb says:

    Charter, RCN, Direct TV, Dish TV are all affected by this.

    Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon FIOS are NOT affected by this.

    (All per Facebook post by customers)

    From NECRAT Facebook Post:

    Breaking news tonight: Getting word tonight from a couple of engineers, and my friend Jeff, that the upper master antenna on the “WBZ Tower”, the American Tower on Cedar St in Needham, MA is out again. Affected are WBZ-TV, WSBK-TV, and WGBX, which are all currently off the air. WCVB is running on their aux, and WGBH-TV is on the lower master. If you recall this is the same antenna that burned out back in 2012, and required the antenna to be removed from the 1300 foot tower, and shipped to Maine for a rebuild. The antenna was down for several months, with those affected stations running on auxes.

    Time Warner gets their feed from Comcast, who gets a direct feed from WBZ.

  51. pkingman says:

    WBZ-TV had a bunch of engineers in 1954.

  52. Mo says:

    BOSTON —Due to a failure in the main antenna system Saturday at about 4:30 p.m., WCVB currently is operating on reduced power from its auxiliary antenna.

    This will continue at least until late Sunday afternoon and could further extend if significant damage. Crews are assessing the antenna. (AKA don’t plan on watching the Pats at 4pm).

    We will update this information as developments occur.

    If you would like to view our newscast, you can always view them on our website, or on the WCVB mobile app.

  53. Jim says:

    Can they put the Pats game on CH 38? We have that with DirecTV here in NH

  54. M.B. says:

    Wow! How does WBZ not have redundancy? That is a joke! Why can’t they redistribute over Satellite? They have not put out any details on what it is!!!!

  55. John Lindberg says:

    Too bad NFL NETWORK can’t broadcast the game.

  56. M.B. says:

    This is what WBZ has on their website! “Most cable viewers are not affected by the outage.”

  57. John Morgan says:




  58. mld says:

    hope this is fixed by game time, folks!!!

  59. Brian says:

    We shouldn’t have to pay to watch the game today. They want your credit card to watch the game. I already pay for my cable.

  60. Bobby C says:

    disgraceful, this is 2016, notice suggests its limited when most can’t watch and no details on progress or status, time to close up shop WBZ

  61. It’s pretty windy out there today. I can wait another day or two for CBS, so don’t send any workers up those towers until the weather is more agreeable.

  62. E McGilvray says:

    I live in Newton and use over-the-air with a strong indoor antenna. I lost ch 38.1 and 38.2 last night (as well as the three PBS ch 44 stations) and have not been able to get them back despite frequent rescans.

    1. E McGilvray says:

      Add to that channel 4.1 and 4.2. And I’m right near the tower…..

  63. For the love of god PLEASE have this fixed before the Pats game!!!!

  64. pkingman says:

    After WBZ-TV gets their antenna fixed everybody should put a nice big antenna in their attic and get the signal over the air like everybody used to do. And stick it to the cable companies. I was surprised to hear that only 7% of the folks around here still get the signal over the air. Times surely have changed. Young people may not even know that it possible to receive TV without cable.

    1. NCotter says:

      We’re an OTA household, too,, but lately –the last couple of months — no reception for 2 or 5 or 12 or 38…and now, the rest. This one will get fixed, sometime, I guess, but there’s still a BIG problem for a lot of us: no antenna guys left in the Worcester area. Anyone know of a tech who’d work on a rooftop?

      1. Debbie says:

        I had my roof antenna installed by New England Antenna Service, Manchester, NH. They came down to Townsend MA to do it so they may work in Worcester.

  65. I hate charter says:

    It’s not the cable company issue. It’s ‘BZ,s problem. There is no over the air signal. So if you had an antenna the size of the Empire State Building it would do no good. The cable company’s that have the signal get it direct from the station. If they get it through the over the air transmission like charter, RCN, or the dish company’s, there’s no signal.

  66. pkingman says:

    Listen to the Pats on 98.5 FM.

  67. Frank says:

    Ch 12 in providence can be found with over the air antennae

  68. Kilroy says:

    Seriously? What happened to the World class engineering team that used to work at WBZ? Why was this failure allowed to happen in the first place?

  69. Bam Bam says:

    Guess I’ll just watch the radio….

  70. T D says:

    Still no over-the-air signal in Cambridge! Hoping it is fixed for Pats game! No cable here. You can do it, guys!!!

  71. LOU ARIENTI says:

    beld in braintree is out could i smell a problem COMCAST IS ON AND THEY OWN WBZTV

  72. A lot of Pats fans will be very unhappy says:

    Article says “most cable viewers are not affected”. Charter viewers are certainly affected. :(

  73. PC2246 says:

    Game’s on at 4:25 FIX IT!!!!!

  74. pkingman says:

    Pats are on the radio at 1 PM Boston time. 98.5 FM.

  75. pkingman says:

    Just try to imagine climbing a 1300 foot tower in the wind to work on a TV antenna.

  76. Tom Rose says:

    Ugh! I only have cable because of football and now, there isn’t going to be a game either. This sucks.

  77. Bobby-Joe says:

    Maybe we should contact Maggie and Kelly and complain after all the advertising their paying they could put up a new transmitter!

  78. Ray says:

    Uxbridge area you will be able to see the Pat”s game on ch 17 WPRI FROM Providence on Charter.

  79. pkingman says:

    My mistake. Pats are on at 4:25 PM. 98.5 FM.

  80. J. WIll says:

    This is most frustrating. I wonder if we will get a credit on our bills from our service providers? Probably not. When does cable do anything for their customers. I know WBZ is partly to blame but why are folks with other companies getting it. Something is rotten in Denmark.

  81. ada rauscher says:

    12:01 here in Worcester 10-23-2016 Still not working.

    Pats start soon!!!!!

  82. Bruce Nelson says:

    I see the fine hand of Roger Goodell in this!

  83. Peter says:

    How does Uxbridge get wpri and Douglas not. Charter sux.

  84. R. Greenberg says:

    over-the-air channel 4, channel 38 and even PBS 44 are all out in Somerville since 10/22.

  85. JT4 says:

    Does anyone have an HD antenna ? Is that working?

    1. Sharon Bulak says:

      Yes my daughter and son in law are getting it hd antena.

  86. Kilroy says:

    ‘BZ should let one of the other channels carry the game!

  87. Elaine says:

    Know it is very windy so can only assume there is an issue in getting this fixed. For those of us with folks coming over will it be carried on any other station we can get from Charter in Worcester? Strange that the Channel 4 message say really no effect to cable????

  88. Gary says:

    Wrong. Also affecting Charter.

  89. Fred says:

    No ch 4 or 8 in Brookfield with Charter

  90. Ken says:

    Out here in Charlton. They make it sound like a minor issue.

  91. Sharon Bulak says:

    What is up WBZ you haven’t put up any NEW updates, just the same one originally posted. You haven’t even had the decency to answer any ones comments or questions , very unprofessional.

    1. Bruce says:

      I agree… that lack of any update or explanation is totally unprofessional, horrible PR, and a seemingly arrogant insensitivity to all the viewers who arranged their day around watching the game. As a previous post said, why can’t they offer to stream the game to their site?? Seems like they’d want to for their own self-interest to preserve the advertising revenue they should otherwise lose.

  92. bert says:

    I guess it will be a throwback to the 1960’s when games were blacked out and you had to listen to the game on radio. Thanks a bunch channel 4 : (

  93. What’s with the Boston centric reporting (most cable viewers not affected)? Worcester’s Charter Cable system is affected.

  94. Mike says:

    Damn squirrels…probably Steeler fans!!!

  95. rick says:

    It is back on. At least on Directv.

  96. Katie says:

    No 4/38/44 on TDS Fiber either or DirecTV in NH. Afternoon Pats game, but very windy. Looks like it is radio time unless it gets streamed to net. Can’t pick up the RI stations this far north. Any other CBS feeds?

  97. Esteban says:

    We’re in Westwood, and the game is on channel 12.1. Thanks for the tip.

  98. Paul Termn says:

    Does any one know if their local Best Buy or Walmart is getting channel 4? Bring a chair and buy a sandwich and soda from the SuperStore an cheer on the Pats

  99. Katie says:

    Rick’s right! just popped in on Directv! NH

  100. T D says:

    Are we over-the-air (digital antenna) viewers going to be last-priority?

  101. Mike Powers says:

    Still out in Bedford, NH. Missed the entire Giants game. NFL Sunday Ticket wouldn’t show it since it’s “available in my area” even though it’s clearly not. Frustrating.

  102. Christopher Alarie says:

    I am able to pull in RI channel 12 in Holden MA by putting an antenna and wedging it out the window. It is similar to this one. https://www.walmart.com/ip/FlatWave-Amplified-Razor-Thin-HDTV-Indoor-Antenna/27280272 I have another antenna that didn’t work.

  103. Patricia Flynn says:

    How can this be happening in 2016?

  104. David says:

    Channel 4 is back on DirecTv!!!!

  105. Jason says:

    It is amazing how cavalier about the situation WBZ is. No updates and they act like it’s not a big deal. I think advertisers will care. Make a contingency plan to stream it through your website!

  106. cfredd says:

    Why don’t they at least stream it live on CBS all access. Then you could do a free trial and see the game. HD antenna doesn’t work that well in the wind. WPRI ragged in NH

  107. Bob says:

    Boston 4 WBZ Really sucks!
    Get the Pats game on anyway possible for charter viewers. Link game thru charter from other source. At least you should update status on this blog!! Oh! I’m sorry, it’s Sunday and your crew has the day off! Screw their day off. “Do your job”! If you are not going to do your job today, at least have the moxie to say so, so bloggers can get going on making other plans!

  108. Len Mullen says:

    Seems like DirecTV found another source because OTA is still black.

  109. patriotsdefense says:

    Still nothing. WBZ needs to fix this issue now. Totally unacceptable. Patriots gameday and NFL today have been wiped out. Looks like the 1:00 game is the next victim.

    Well the one bright side is a continued decline in NFL ratings. Still want my Pats on by 4 though.

  110. Nemo T. Divinare says:

    Over the air digital not working on the South Shore.

  111. Peter says:

    Charter channel 17. Isn’t hd but better than nothing

  112. Doo Doo brown says:

    Goodell strikes again

  113. John in Brookline says:

    I’m in Brookline and only have an antenna, still no signal Hope they get it fixed before the game!

  114. Spencer Thompson says:

    not on dish at 1:10

  115. Dona says:


  116. Bill Ripley says:

    DirecTv seems to be providing us a feed from a Florida station. Just saw a political ad for a solar power ammendment on the Florida ballot.

  117. Wanda Wood says:

    CBS out with Norwood Light!
    This is not good😔

  118. Mo says:

    It won’t be fixed before the game.

    1. David says:

      Mo, can you give us an idea when it will be fixed? Tomorrow, mid-week.. next week?

      Someone must have an idea…

  119. Not working in West Boylston on Dish either, been down since yesterday afternoon

  120. Marion says:

    We watch over the air and yesterday afternoon when ch 4, 38,44 went off air, checked online for information. Found nothing till this morning. Can’t believe that no other local channels told us what was happening with these stations. This has been badly handled by you. How come you don’t have a backup like Channel 5 has. They went down too and then came back up within an hour. Of course they also did not explain anything during their newscasts or online at their website. \
    Can’t you at least give updates!!!

  121. Big Fitz says:

    Please Steve Burton,step it up and climb the tower,it’s almost game time!

  122. Tom R says:

    Why doesn’t WBZ-TV use WBZ radio’s back-up or auxilliary transmitter located at their studios on Soldiers Field Road while the main Needham tower antenna / transmission facilities is being repaired?

  123. Sean says:

    Its still an issue out here in brighton, ma 02135 going to miss the patriots game I guess…. im so peeved

  124. jerry says:

    WBZ web site is not doing good. They are providing a daily update around midnight. Is this good for a so called 24hr news outlet. I guess NOT, but it is their bad news. They should be providing an hourly update. WBZ 1030 provides little info and does not mention any of the non WBZ stations. OTA stations 4.1, 4.2, 38.1, 38.2, 44.1, 44.3 and 5.1 and 5.2 are impacted. But OTA 5 is now broadcasting on a low power backup. So you may or may not get 5 depending on your location. Sounds like the same issue they had in 2012.
    The TV station in Boston that could do an alternate transmission of the PATS game is ION CH 68 if they could do a quick deal.

  125. vovantan says:

    It is a disgrace that a major channel network could not fix a small problem in 48 hrs

    1. rochrist says:

      To be fair, I’m pretty sure that a problem at the top of a 1400 foot antenna on a day of high winds qualifies as something other than a ‘small problem’.

  126. Martha B says:


  127. Seriously Angry says:

    I’d love to know how many viewers this is affecting. Seems like a whole lot more than they are implying in this “update”. This is very poorly communicated.

  128. KR says:

    Is there any way to watch the Pats game over the internet?

  129. Rich says:

    is anyone sure the game will be broadcast on Ch 12 out of providence? My guide says it will be Miami and Buffalo

  130. Warbird says:


  131. Karen says:

    If you have Verizon Wireless for your cell phone carrier, you can watch the game free on NFL Mobile. If you have an iPhone, you can buy an Apple (or other brand) AV Digital Adapter, plug it into your iPhone, then connect it to your TV by an HDMI cable. I’m not sure what the picture quality will be on the bit TV screen, but you’ll be able to watch the Pats. I just bought an adapter at Best Buy. There are also adapters for Samsung smart phones…

    1. Karen says:

      The picture on the TV is excellent. Just thought I’d let folks know. Good luck all!

  132. rochrist says:

    Miami Buffalo is the 1 PM game. The Pats game is at 4.

  133. Rich Saunders says:

    GGET IT FIXED NOW. Did the executive moons ever consider changing the broadcast to another backup station? The Patriots only play 1 time a week and cbs is holding all of us hostage. I have DISH and I’ve called twice. they have stated they have NOT gotten any update from CBS in ours.

  134. ML says:

    No WBZ in Charlton (Charter customer) all dy on analog or high def. Any idea if it will be up for Pats game or are we screwed at the drive-though?

  135. wayne says:

    look like it back in Worcester on dish

  136. Spencer Thompson says:

    channel 4 just came back on my dish(New Hampshire)

  137. Bob A. Booey says:

    DirecTV is working but it seems like we’re getting local commercials from Florida? There was an ad for a Congressman running in FL and one other one. Weird, but the Dolphins-Bills game is on.

  138. disappointed says:

    it would be nice to get a further update, what is the likelihood this will be fixed by 4:25pm kickoff? Can you offer a stream of the game?

  139. Rich says:

    Just came back on DISH in Shrewsbury

  140. John Parenteau says:

    It’s working on Dish Network now!

  141. BetJ says:

    Just came back on in Boylston….CBSHD….we have Charter /Spectrum Cable.

  142. jerry says:

    For those of you on Dish, are u getting WBZ or an alternate CBS station that may NOT have the PATS game?

  143. Bam Bam says:

    No update since 11:00 a.m. must be trying to satisfy their sponsors ….2nd rate station

  144. C.J. says:

    working on dish in manchester n.h. but with *miami* station. maybe the pats game will be on a pittsburgh station…

  145. Rick says:

    Born and raised on OTA. It’s been working great since I moved to Boston until now – amazed they would not have a secondary xmitter / antenna location! I’m gonna sure miss the Pats game and I’m sure the advertisers will miss my eyeballs viewing their wares.

  146. Keith says:

    Back on here near Worcester, but not sure where the transmission is coming from.

  147. BT says:

    This is total B.S.!!!! Need my Pats fix!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Come on now – seriously, in this day and age we shouldn’t have this problem. At least have it televised by another station since WBZ can’t rectify their problem.

  148. jerry says:

    as of 2:11pm OTA for 4.1, 4.2, 38.1, 38.2 44.1 and 44.3 is still NOT working

  149. BT says:

    WOW – just came back on in Charlton……..the FB gods listened! GO PATS!!!! :)

  150. Just Tom says:

    Fire up the torches and dig out the pitch forks. Time for a good old fashioned lynch mob. lol

  151. Roland says:

    Shrewsbury SELCO, our ONLY cable company, is not able to transmit channels WGBH, WBZ orTV38. since yesterday because if this tower issue. If you are working on it….work harder….it,s been two days!!!!!

  152. Leo A Nalivaika says:

    stream the pats game on the website!!!!!!!!!!

  153. KenG says:

    Plenty of eye candy at ‘BZ… no technicians??

  154. eeee says:

    are people getting HD back?

  155. B says:

    Pepperell WBZ ch. 4 back. No sound.

  156. Dave in Stoneham says:

    I’m in Stoneham. Anyone getting OTA back? So glad I took this weekend off from inviting people over to watch the game!! Someone call Mr Kraft!!!

  157. David Powell says:

    The Charter / Spectrum service in Pepperell is affected so I am not buying the notion that most cable services aren’t affected. Perhaps the Boston cable companies, but not those in the periphery It was bad enough to have missed the Alabama A&M gambut worse to miss the Patriots.

  158. jerry says:

    I have listened to 1030 for the past 1/2 hour. ZERO info.

  159. Deen says:

    We all realize things can go wrong but what we do not understand is how all can not be reported. I mean really… Your station goes out and we are left thinking its our tv or provider. Then we hear thru word of mouth. Not very promising from “The Best News Source” now is it????

  160. Bob Holmes says:

    Shrewsbury SELCO back up…..

  161. Karen says:

    I have Charter Spectrum in Northbridge. Our channel 4 is back on now. Watching the Bills & Dolphins game.

  162. robert divris says:

    any help ? i live in worcester and have charter

  163. JLG says:

    No channel 4 on TDS cable in NH, less than 2 hrs to game time. Looks like I’ll need to dig out the radio.

  164. Sharon Bulak says:

    Channel 4 charter just came on but no sound, at least we can watch it.

  165. ctangora says:

    If this is only a broadcast issue, CBS should stream the feed (for free) for anyone in the NE (IP filtering), until it is fixed.

  166. m says:

    still nothing in somerville. Can’t wait to watch the patriots. Oh wait….guess not

  167. Bob says:

    Live in Grafton, have Charter – chan. 4 is on but no sound. WBZ HD is working on 783

  168. coop b says:

    omg ya restored direct tv and notregular broadcast!??! you jerks. direct tv customers could have just watched over the air but i cant just subscribe to direct tv all of a sudden

  169. chris augenti says:

    so I guess over the air watchers are last on the list to be restored seeing we dont pay a subscription price :(

  170. James says:

    Norwood light broadband cable channel 4 not working just a black screen!!! no patriots for me :(

  171. PJR says:

    Multi station outage and no news org that is still on the air reports it? If it happened to any other company it would have been the lead story. But all us OTA’s had to check all our equipment to find out it’s not our fault. That’s reporting on par with the tech help these stations hire.

  172. joe s says:

    Transmission issue causes OUTRAGE for some WBZ-TV viewers.

  173. m1che says:

    Try Channel 12 – I don’t have cable or anything else & I am in Stoughton the reception is good as long as it’s not too windy

  174. Paul says:

    Just hoping that those working in tough conditions are safe.

  175. Ed says:

    The FCC provides a valuable license to WBZ, to use valuable spectrum, in return for OTA public service broadcast.

    Instead of honoring this agreement, WBZ prioritized restoring service to the companies (e.g. cable providers) who pay!!!

    This happened in 2012, when the station provided service via on site backup equipment.

    FCC needs to fine WBZ.

  176. Anne says:

    no channel 4 Walpole

  177. Anne says:

    but wanted to say this site sure is entertaining

  178. James says:

    no black screen now got local town ads grrr lol -norwood

  179. Quincypatsfan says:

    Still waiting for over-air broadcast in Quincy! Channel 12 doesn’t work. Channel 4 via Playstation Vue doesn’t work. WBZ- if you can’t fix it before game time, stream it on your web-site.

  180. NL says:

    out with TDS in Hollis NH too!!!

  181. Wanda Wood says:

    Come on man!!!!!!! I need my Patriots!!
    What is going on with Norwood Light?!

    1. James says:

      we got basic 4 with no sound breaking up :(

  182. OTA is SOL says:

    The I Team should investigate why WBZ is unable to broadcast OTA for more than a day. Send emaills to iteam@wbztv.com .

  183. Restore OTA says:

    Don’t forget to file your complaint with the FCC: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us

  184. Mad Guy says:

    Dear WBZ,
    Flock Ewe.

    Dear FCC,
    Investigate why they can provide signal to paid providers.

    Dear NFL,
    Our continued business is not guaranteed. Most of os OTA consumers have long ago gave up watching baseball, basketball & hockey.

  185. Erich says:

    TDS in NH is still out. 20 minutes to kickoff. We are paying customers, and we do not have an OTA option. They aren’t prioritizing all paid providers ;-)

    In all seriousness, please make the game available online until you get service up and running. Please please please!

  186. ccvlah says:

    Does anyone know where we can watch the game?

    1. Rick says:

      NFL lists streaming links! I’m watching now! Kinda crummy but better than nothing!

      1. ccvlah says:

        I don’t find a link that is legit…which # are you using…did it ask for a cc #? Thank you!

      2. Citrina says:

        Thanks, Rick. WBZ needs to be heavily fined by the FCC. OTA users are getting the shaft.

  187. T D says:

    This is a beautiful wake up call. We are inundated with TV ads to take part in the murder of animals and the raping of the Earth. We are inundated with Madison Avenue-crafted PR that promises we are special and important. … But, just use your fingernail to scratch at it a bit. We are left out by CBS, WBZ-4 Boston, Comcast, Charter, Time-Warner … ALL of them … if it’s decided you don’t really matter to the bigger business. … You can tell a lot about a man or woman by how she or he treats you when it’s not important to his success how he does so. All the noise of our culture. For thousands of people without a simple pleasure of a football game after working all week, after paying all the GD bills … this is how they really think of you.

  188. Bryce says:

    No WBZ service on TDS in Hopkinton NH. Get the radio out and get WBZ off my favorites list.

  189. Speak out that this is unnacceptable says:

    This is troubling, what if there was a natural disaster or a terrorist incident? If they can’t keep the transmitter functioning during a sunny day what will happen if there is an incident? When filing a complaint with the FCC please add concerns about the effect on public safety and that the FCC should require WBZ to install redundancy.

    The NFL email is: officeofcommissioner@nfl.com

  190. Ed says:

    BTW, also contact the FCC regarding what NBC is doing.

    On or around 1/1/2017, WHDH Channel 7, is being dropped as the Boston NBC affiliate. In its place, NBC programing will be moved to a low power translator station WBTS (channel 46/virtual channel 60). Of course, if you like NBC programing, there’s always Comcast, who NBC owns.

  191. Gene says:

    TDS TV in Loudon NH is out as well.

  192. coach says:

    I feel like I’m back in the 70’s, when the Pats would be blacked out on Channels 4 and 10, and you’d have to climb on the roof, swing the antenna towards Maine, and see if you could pull in a snowy picture on Channel 6

  193. T D says:

    These informative “updates” appeared no earlier than 4 p.m. Eastern Time on the article.

    “10/23 3:22 p.m.: As of Sunday afternoon, service has been restored for Direct TV and Charter subscribers.

    WBZ-TV is continuing to work with tower crews to resolve service issues for other impacted viewers.

    We will provide more details as soon as they become available.

    10/23 11:05 a.m.: On late Saturday afternoon, a problem at a shared transmission site knocked out the signal to some WBZ-TV viewers.

    The outage has mainly affected Dish, Direct TV, and over-the-air viewers.

    Most cable viewers have not been affected by the transmission issue.

    WBZ-TV is working around the clock with tower crews to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

    We will update you as more information becomes available.”

  194. P says:

    The LEAST you could do is provide a stream for digital antenna viewers. Digusting

  195. Carolyn says:

    TDS are you going to refund your customers money for not providing a service? You mean to tell me in this age of technology you can’t reconnect to a different NBC provider and show the game? This is ridiculous.

  196. Ryan Gillis says:

    if anyone has a verizon wireless mobile phone download the nfl mobile app..small screen but you can watch it on there

  197. bk says:

    I have over the air antenna – zero signal as of 5pm

  198. I am missing the Patriots game!!! Please fix this.

  199. Delete Your Account says:



  200. Ted Bolton says:

    WBZ is yet another useless service. Corporate America is a complete joke. Shareholders are the only ones that get any respect, customers just get screwed.

  201. Audrey Ann Soukup says:

    i hate this ….the one game I could watch… NOT

  202. T D says:

    They actually quite literally don’t care. In 1954, engineers would work to fix a problem on that tower. Today, it’s so “corporatized,” it’s about pleasing the hand that feeds. It’s about the simplest decisions going up ladders, where they are left in “inboxes.” You can be SURE there will be such a beautifully crafted BS response coming later. It will be just that. The days of people just working for another person – “I want to be the guy/girl who makes sure my brothers and sisters see this game” – are long gone. It is an age of no accountability, … coupled with PR spin that promises the opposite. – Todd DeMartinis

  203. John says:

    Lame… still nothing… Listening on radio…

  204. Roger says:

    Please file your complaint with the FCC: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us

    Hopefully the FCC hears enough complaints to snap WBZ management into line. A heavy, heavy fine is certainly warranted.

  205. Courtney says:

    I don’t have channel 4 or 5 In Scituate I’m very upset we LOVE our Patriots Thanks a lot.

  206. the poor stepchild of their viwers get lft behind as usual!

  207. jerry says:

    On the WBZ-TV news break at 5:57pm during the PATS 1/2 time they did not even mention the issue.

  208. Tom says:

    Total incompetence by WBZ.

  209. Dave Branch says:

    Ya, well…it’s free, so what can we expect? They’re not gonna advertise on the news that many missed the Pats game because good ol’ WBZ Channel 4 is just old and unreliable.

  210. Allan Dunn says:

    I watched both CBS foo/ball gamws via Comcast. If this is a failure of the master antenna similar to 2012, this is big. That took four months to repair. And requires a lot of changes to the other antennas on the tower. And this is a very windy day to be climbing a 1300′ antenna. And don’t drop that wrench due to cold fingers. It may take three hours to retrieve it.

  211. jerry says:

    Someone above suggested (above) WBZ should be fined. WBZ is owned by CBS which is part of Viacom. They can not be fined as they are a large Democratic support organization

    1. David says:

      Don’t try it.. Likely a virus website… .eu

  212. Courtney says:

    Some of us watch T.V over the air because we watch very little T.V We are satisfied with local channels. I think we all will be forced into signing up for Comcast, paying a large bill with channels we don’t watch. Most of us are happy with local news, Chronicle, 60 min, Sunday morning and of course the Patriots. We will be robbed of these simple pleasures as we are now. How about the family’s who can’t afford cable and no-longer will have family time watching the Patriots.
    Discusted in Scituate

  213. Tom R says:

    I always thought that WBZ-TV was able to use WBZ radio’s back-up or auxilliary transmitter located at their studios on Soldiers Field Road while the main Needham tower antenna / transmission facilities is being repaired. On the top of that back-up radio tower is an FM or TV antenna.

    1. Tom R says:

      The reason for a back-up antenna on Soldiers Field Road is in case a traffic helicopter ran into the main Needham transmitter tower, for example.

  214. Dave says:

    It’s still not working and I’m near Soldiers Field Rd. Booo! (6:45pm)

  215. Mike says:

    It would appear that some people here are “misinformed”. The reason people cant get OTA signal of WBZ is because they have an issue at the transmission tower. Now if we apply a little common sense to the problem it almost becomes a no-brainer, transmission problem=no OTA.

    I have Dish and I am NOT getting the WBZ feed of the Pats game, I’m getting the KDKA Pitt. feed of the game.

    My guess is that a normally reliable component failed and they may not have an easily accessable replacement for it, but they did the best they could to restore as much of the programming (ie the Pats game) to as many people as possible, by whatever means they had at their disposal.

    I am fairly confident that the FCC is well aware of the situation and does not need a bunch of people wanting WBZ to be burned at the stake, clogging up their alrady thin resorces.

    Take a chill people. When I saw what was going on this morning I had a contingency plan in place to go to a local Bar/Resturant to watch the game, but fortunately I didnt need to go to plan B.

  216. Mark says:

    There should be an estimate for when OTA brodcast will be restored? At least the electric company does that!

  217. Stream Seeker says:

    I give credit to CBS for this outage announcement and comment web page, allowing the expression of angst. A clever CBS VP might advance their career by using future outages/emergencies as an opportunity to trial “CBS All Access” streaming. A one day pass where customers are motivated to try the service would be an appreciated PR win. Instead, some may seek alternate available streaming solutions.

  218. J Cross says:

    No service channel 4.1, 4.2 ,38.1 , 38.2, 38.3 and all the 44 from 5.00pm sat. without answers, Maybe they should take away some of theses if you can’t keep them running!

  219. Citrina says:

    The fact that CBS has not posted ANY update since 3:30pm, knowing this a major game day, is a PR FAIL! And possibly a violation of service. No OTA reception.

  220. Bruce says:

    Perhaps you should fire every engineer and technician you have since they do not understand and/or fix their equipment. The NFL should take away all broadcasts of AFC games and give it to someone who knows how equipment works.

  221. Tony C. says:

    I have to disagree with Mike. I encourage as many people as possible to complain to the FCC. I get my TV OTA. I don’t think sufficient consideration is provided to people who get TV OTA, because we’re in the minority. WBZ has a broadcast license. Thus they should provide a reliable broadcast and if problems occur, it should not take over 24 hours to remedy the situation. Spare parts should be on hand for a timely repair, like any other business that provides a government licensed public service, i.e, wireless providers. The more people that complain to the FCC, the more likely WBZ is to get the message that this is simply not acceptable. A link to the the FCC home page for people to file a compliant is: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us

  222. P Lewis says:

    Hello all you football fans and fanatics. Ever hear of a sports bar? Get out and make some new friends. Don’t they stream the games via cable or satellite ? Chances are some of them may get a feed from a source that isn’t dependent on OTA broadcast. Several posts stated that the games are announced on the radio, too.
    If the master antenna has been damaged, that is a serious problem. It isn’t a simple 5-minute fix. The tower is over 1000′ high and dangerous to climb even in good weather. Previous posts indicate that feeds are already being re-routed from alternative sources to some cable/satellite providers. It sound like OTA viewers are going to have a wait before auxiliary antennae come online. Is digital vs. analog broadcast technology part of the problem?

    1. t.gunn says:

      well hello , they have had almost 5yrs to get a back up plan together since 2012 and they have failed. also if im getting paid to maintain an antenna , i don’t care how high it is , it’s your job deal with it. and last i don’t want to go the bar , i bought my own t.v. to watch at home

  223. Lori G says:

    I am a bit surprised that there has been little or no news of this, perhaps I missed it on other stations. I am OTA as well and missed the game. Very disappointed, It is bad PR, if you don’t pay for TV you get nothing. So I guess I miss my fav shows tonight too. Also missing ‘GBH 44.1,3,4 and 38.1 and 2. I am in Somerville.

  224. Froma says:

    As of this posting, the last update from CBS is at 11 AM.

    A decent thing to do would have been to post an update to Patriots fans saying, ” We aren’t going to stream the game, so you better call up a friend with cable or go to a bar so you don’t miss the game.”

    The fact that they haven’t updated their website and aren’t addressing the problem by streaming their coverage via their website should be seen as a failure all around.

  225. John Kinney says:

    Now past 8:00pm and still no CBS channel 4 (or channel 38) through TDS TV via fiber here in New London, NH. We missed a good game and 60 Minutes – the only things we watch on Sundays. Oh well, can’t complain about not getting something for free I guess.

  226. pkingman says:

    1) WBZ-TV’s OTA broadcasts are free.

    2) WBZ-TV owes absolutely nothing to people who receive their broadcasts for free.

    3) WBZ-TV may have to bring in a special crew from elsewhere to fix the master antenna. Only a very special breed of people can do this work.

    4) Somebody does not need to get killed on that 1300 foot tower so that you can watch a football game.

    1. Roger says:

      @pkingman You’re last point is spot on, but the rest of your points are, to be very charitable, beyond ridiculous, particularly the nonsense that 2) WBZ-TV owes absolutely nothing to people who receive their broadcasts for free.

      The people who expect “free” over-the-air broadcasts are the taxpayers who granted CBS Boston the right to use a portion of the valuable broadcast spectrum for their business. CBS Boston’s broadcast license requires them to provide a reliable over-the-air “free” broadcasts as part of their lucrative franchise.

      Since this is the second major digital OTA broadcast failure that’s occurred since 2012, and the fact that most subscription (read: pay) services for WBZ broadcasts were either uninterrupted or resolved, it’s become abundantly clear that CBS Boston places its public obligation for OTA services at a very low priority.

      I’s hardly difficult to see why people are frustrated.

  227. Len Mullen says:

    @pkingman 1) OTA broadcasts are AD SUPPORTED. A lot of sponsors reached less people than expected today.

    2) All broadcasters have an obligation to the public — that’s how they got the bandwidth. It’s not an obligation to air the local sports teams. It’s an obligation to be available for public safety duties.

    3) The power companies bring in armies of repair crews from all over the continent. WBZ can afford to do the same. This is a planning issue.

    4) I agree with this. I would not want someone on a tower in high winds — ditto for the utility line crews.

  228. Len Mullen says:

    Reading the meaningless ‘updates’, I am becoming concerned that they have no idea what is wrong or whatever is wrong is going to take a long time to fix. Either way, it’s bad news.

  229. Gary Duncan says:

    Wondered what was going on? Missed 60 Minutes & Elementary tonite. A shame. I am Over the Air user. Channels 5 & 38 & 44 also kaput over the air.

  230. T D says:

    pkingman (and let’s dissect his screen name … King Man) … represents the very sickness at hand. This idea that if you get the signal for free, you aren’t worth the spit under his or her shoe. This is everything that is wrong with our current culture. We are inundated with inane and sick ads from WBZ-TV 4 Boston from all angles by Big Media. They pay the station massive amounts of money for such. It’s the system of “free media” in place since your great grandma and grandpa plugged in their first radio around 1923. … How dare we expect you to climb a tower in the wind? There were once a spirit of, let’s make this right. We are now supposed to feel sorry for WBZ for their lack of concern. I know one person leaving your media, and *making it a point* to never switch on WBZ means nothing to many in the short run, but it’s how entities die over time. It’s like one to one relationships in life. All the corporations who stop caring, and then dare to shame the people are consumers, all fail over time. Life is too short, and memory is long. WBZ 4, in its absence of speaking directly, and in its passive way of shaming viewers, has sealed a continuing decline. Worst of all, it has removed any feeling of empathy from former viewers in its fate. This day represents everything that is wrong in our current media.

  231. Chris B. says:

    For a news station, you would think someone there could figure out how to actually tell disappointed viewers what is going on. I understand that things can go wrong, but your inability or unwillingness to clearly explain the issue on your website is deeply embarrassing.

  232. Elementary my dear watson says:

    OMG, So for all the people saying that “cable” and “satellite” are trying to screw over the OTA crowd just SHUT UP. You sound soooo stupid. For the people that are able to watch “WBZ” currently, take a hard look at the ads playing and you may notice that some of these ads seem to be coming from a different city altogether. So my guess is that these subscription providers (Directv, Comcast, etc.) are re-routing a different stations broadcast into WBZ’s feed so that people could still watch the game. So this means that WBZ is DOWN! NOBODY is able to watch WBZ and the cable and satellite people are getting a remap of a CBS from a neighboring CBS. Being that these people are actually paying customers those providers have taken alternate means to provide the game to their customers. As the OTA crowd is more a users then an actual customers (a person or organization that BUYS goods or services from a store or business) these other methods of return are not available and until someone can get up this huge transmitter tower to troubleshoot 1300+ ft of lines and hardware, the OTA crowd will have to learn patience, or look into paying for a service provider.

    1. Not so elementary, it seems says:

      Speaking of “soooo stupid”… WBZ is being broadcast on Comcast without an issue. So WBZ is not down for every provider even if some are re-rerouting from other markets. Comcast gets a direct feed instead of using the antenna signal. I also don’t think antenna users are confused at all about why MVPDs have the ability to get a signal to their customers even while the antenna is down. That’s something you made up to give yourself an excuse to shout and feel better about yourself.

      Gotta love how loudmouths have extra room to put both feet in, every time. Never fails.

  233. Len Mullen says:

    It’s television, T D. Take it easy. There are forty other channels for your viewing pleasure.

  234. Randy Holhut says:

    Jumping into this thread late. WBZ was off the air on DirecTV in my corner of southeast Vermont. But when it was time for the Pats game, instead of the WBZ feed, we somehow got the KDKA feed from Pittsburgh. Since they are both CBS owned-and-operated stations (and sister stations from the old Group W Westinghouse-era), it seemed like a logical thing to do. And, as an extra added bonus, we got a chance to see all the political ads from Pennsylvania.

  235. cynthialawry says:

    Really disappointed that they can’t see, to fix it. Missed the Patriot’s game. I guess it’s more important to get cable subscribers back up, since they pay for tv, than over the air viewers.

  236. Sf says:

    Amazing that you could get the channel back up and running south of Boston in time for the game yesterday but I get up this morning to see it out again as of 6:30am on Monday October 24th….very disappointed customer.

  237. Spencer Thompson says:

    i have “dish”…they showed they Miami/Buffalo game from the FT Lauderdale feed then screen went balnk for a few seconds and picked up the Pats game from the Pittsburgh feed and showed the evening programs on the Pittsburgh feed….went off the air again when the 11:00 news came on…and still off the dish this morning.

  238. FS says:

    Still no service! OTA. My Patriots game party… We’re getting so drunk waiting for the game to start. Go Gronk.

  239. CKL says:

    Aren’t “news” stations supposed to be able to provide timely updates on events that interest people? Ironic that WBZ can’t even provide timely updates for their own news stories. I get the sense that “no news is good news” doesn’t apply here.

  240. Marie Gunnerson says:

    I have DirecTV and an OTA antenna. I was pleased that finally DirecTV was able to show KDKA CBS with Patriots game. I expected it to go off the air as soon as the game was over. When I went to bed it was still broadcasting “Madame Secretary”. I will see what I find on the DVR for “Elementary”.

    But here is what has annoyed me for years in regards to lost local network signals: DirecTV has the national network feeds that you could be allowed to see if the local carrier goes off the air. But due to whatever FCC rule or contract it doesn’t, or can’t, allow you to see them. This makes no sense to me. None whatsoever. If you can’t see the local station but could see the national network feed there is no loss to the local station as it can’t be seen anyway and the national networks keep you watching their shows.

    DirecTV carries the national network feeds, as can be seen in channel guide, for CBS (channel 390 for East, channel 391 for West), NBC (392 E, 393 W), ABC (396 E, 397 W), CW (394 E, 395 W), FOX (398 E, 398 W), and PBS (389). All these channels are being broadcast from the satellite so the signal is there. It doesn’t need to be added. However if you live where there is a local network affiliate you aren’t allowed to tune to these channels by your receiver. They are “greyed out” in the guide grid as non-electable.

    If a local affiliate goes off the air providers like DirecTV should be able to allow their viewers to see the nation network channel. I don’t understand any objection to this.

  241. Mike says:

    Maybe an updateevery 6 hours would help relieve some of the anger.

  242. Dvp says:

    Let’s give a little more consideration to those of us who either don’t want or can’t afford to pay for TV.

  243. Mark O says:

    All the Boston stations should put over-the-air transmission towers on top of Mt. Wachusett.

  244. linda OBrien says:

    OK , it is now Monday 10:10am , what is going on and why why is it taking so long to fix.

  245. HG says:

    Stopped cable years ago. Now there is so much available via broadcast TV. While I do understand the impact of the severe weekend weather, like everyone else I wonder why it took so long for the stations to respond. I did check online “nothing”

  246. Len Rubin says:

    Monday, October 24, 10:20 A.M. Still no transmission in South Brookline, MA. Does the FCC have any jurisdiction here?

  247. Frances Noone says:

    Just read that workers are risking their lives in these high winds to fix the problem high in the sky in Needham! It is not a problem worth dying over…..they should wait until it is safer! I can wait for CBS and other lost stations….

  248. bobbyz says:

    will the e mail us when there are getting it to work again ?

  249. J Frankel says:

    Oh great; whatever they’re doing has now knocked WGBH off the air; I know from previous such incidents tbey share a position on the antenna. Whatever ‘GBH figured out to stay on-air suddenly isn’t working any more.

  250. Marion says:

    Sounds like the FCC and CBS doesn’t care about over the air users. I can’t believe that this isn’t a local news item that would be seen on other networks! Maybe that way we would be able to find out what is happening. This has been badly handled.
    Guess we’re lucky in Stow we have gotten channel 5 back almost immediately on Saturday.

  251. Peter Kingman says:

    WBZ-TV did not purposefully cause this problem. What I do not understand though is why they apparently have no backup for OTA broadcasting. Perhaps it costs too much to have that backup. Another thing that I do not understand is why this whole story is being kept so quiet in the news media. I think that the story is a big deal, and yet we here very little.

  252. Denise Bazinet says:

    Late AM October 24. Just lost reception for all PBS channels, along with channels 4 + 5 this past weekend. We are located in Dedham, MA. Marion above is correct, Very badly handled by not announcing it on the local news. We lost time trying to figure out what is the problem.

    1. CKL says:

      We’re in Lexington and the situation is getting worse. We haven’t had OTA channels 4 and 38 since Saturday and just this morning we lost channels 2 and 44 as well.

  253. KingMinos says:

    During Monday’s noontime newscast, WBZ TV officially apologized to the viewers who have been affected by the transmission issue. SkyEye shots of technicians working on the tower were aired, but no ETA for a fix.

  254. uhmgawa says:

    I expect if this persistes for much longer the story will read something like “WBZ-TV which had served the Bostom metropolatin viewing market .. entered Chapter 11 bankrupcy protection .. citing a nearly 80% loss of advertising revenue .. was unable to recover”, etc..

    But seriously who even watches CBS for anything other than Judge Judy anyway?

  255. SMC says:

    If channel 5 could provide a backup why can’t channel 4. I too lost channel 2.1 and 2.2 to go along with 4, 38 and all the 44s. Seems like if this happened in 2012 on the same transmission line, CBS would have learned something. Guess not. Hope they fix it soon!

  256. Peter m says:

    You have now lost a loyal viewer i will find another way to watch the patriots and never again watch your station

  257. rad666 says:

    cable customer in pepperell, literally got channel 4 picture, no sound at 2:30 yesterday which would actually be OK for the game as i can’t stand most of the announcers anyway…had the sound by game time as well guess i lucked out.

  258. uhmgawa says:

    Unbelievable! I see WBZ is working hard to hasten their own obituary. Not only are they still fumbling around trying to resolve their broadcasting disappearance. If you attempt to extract intelligence from their website on the matter you’re forced to sit through some nonsensical FoxWoods advertisement longer than the useless news clip. Maybe we should all just bid them farewell and hope a more competent competitor will pick up the CBS slack in their wake..

  259. Rick Evans says:

    Unlike the whiners posting here I appreciate your efforts to get this repair done. To the workers, keep safe and thanks in advance.

    1. uhmgawa says:

      It is possible to appreciate the effort yet be entertained by the bumbling execution.

  260. t.gunn says:

    well finally got 4 ,.4-2 . 38 , 38-2 ,44-1 , 44-3. 44-4 . back a little after 4pm but in the process u knocked out ch.2, and 2-2 which we had all along and last but not least ch. 5 and 5-2 is still out

  261. Milano Cookie says:

    The entitlement in these posts are incredible. You bozos understand that you aren’t paying for the OTA service, right?

    1. t.gunn says:

      This idea that if you get the signal for free, you aren’t worth the spit under his or her shoe. This is everything that is wrong with our current culture. We are inundated with inane and sick ads from WBZ-TV 4 Boston from all angles by Big Media. They pay the station massive amounts of money for such. It’s the system of “free media” in place since your great grandma and grandpa plugged in their first radio around 1923. … How dare we expect you to climb a tower in the wind? There were once a spirit of, let’s make this right. We are now supposed to feel sorry for WBZ for their lack of concern. I know one person leaving your media, and *making it a point* to never switch on WBZ means nothing to many in the short run, but it’s how entities die over time. It’s like one to one relationships in life. All the corporations who stop caring, and then dare to shame the people are consumers, all fail over time. Life is too short, and memory is long. WBZ 4, in its absence of speaking directly, and in its passive way of shaming viewers, has sealed a continuing decline. Worst of all, it has removed any feeling of empathy from former viewers in its fate. This day represents everything that is wrong in our current media.
      credited author- t d / thanks t d didnt feel like telling this person were not the clowns.

    2. uhmgawa says:

      That’s right. WBZ is a non-profit charitable foundation who tosses out cash to give OTA programming to the unwashed masses. And more importantly none of their funding is derived from the general population through advertising budget cost bundled into everything hawked in the commercials they air. Thanks for figuring it all out and educating us “bozos”. Grow a brain.

  262. Citrina says:

    @Milano Cookie, there are some excellent comments above detailing FCC regulations and requirements.

  263. pkingman says:

    WBZ-TV is back on the air in Boston. Congratulations to the people who climbed that tower and got the line fixed.

  264. John Kinney says:

    Still no CBS channel 4 via TDS fiber here in NH as of 5:15pm on Monday 10/24/16

  265. t.gunn says:

    save the praise till all the channels are back on line. 2,-1 2-2 still knocked out, from when they brought 4 , 38 back on line

  266. pkingman says:

    Mommy WBZ was mean. She took your OTA TV away for a whole day. But Mommy WBZ just gave it back. She is now a nice mommy. She knows that you whiners are entitled to lots of free stuff.

  267. SMC says:

    Would be nice if there was a ch 2 update

    1. Mike Malone says:

      I’m receiving both Channel 2 (WGBH) and WGBX Channel 44 just fine over the air out here in Spencer.

  268. t.gunn says:

    hey smart ass , look up the 6th letter of the alphabet and the 21st letter. and don’t forget daddy can still put his boot up your tower .

  269. Dvp says:

    Thank you. Took a long time but hope everyone who worked on this is safe.

  270. Fred says:

    God bless those brave technicians who climbed the 1300′ tower today to get the station back on the air! Chapeau!

  271. Mike Malone says:

    Kudos to the tower folks. Must have been a hell of a day to spend over 1000′ feet up fixing this!

  272. Deirdre says:

    Hurrah – thanks for the updates and relatively quick repair

  273. tl says:

    The transmission line is not protected from lightning strikes?! That’s basic Electrical Engineering… There are means to detect and identify exactly where the line break is located from the ground, and even remotely if proper equipped. Visual inspection and likely confirmation can also be done via drones. The competency of the engineering staff really needs to be reassessed. Now that the problem has been fixed, time for lessons-learned…

  274. Len Mullen says:

    That was quick. Kudos to that guy or those guys on the tower. It would have taken me five pairs of pants to climb 1200 feet!

  275. PV says:

    Hello: I still can’t get a signal for your station or PBS channel 44.

  276. ellen says:

    As of very early this morning, I still do not have a signal for Channels 4, 38 or 44-1, 44-3 and 44.4. Am I missing something…other than signal?

    1. ellen says:

      I forgot to mention I receive my signals “over the air”.

    2. P Lewis says:

      Re-scan for channels. Turn to the channel that has the strongest signal and re-scan. (My DTV box remote control offers a signal strength measuring option.) You might have to scan twice or re-orient the antenna to recapture the lost channels.
      I lost WGBH channel 2 (PBS) yesterday. It’s antenna is co-located further down the tower. I later read that it had to be powered down so work could safely be conducted on the other stations’ equipment. I presume there will be more intermittant OTA broadcast reception losses over the next few days as crews continue their work. It really is a challenging feat to pull this off up there in high winds. Kudos!
      Also, consider getting an amplified antenna, if you haven’t gotten one already. They aren’t expensive and really help pull in weaker digital signals.

      1. ellen says:

        Thank you P Lewis. I will give it a try.

  277. We have antenna broadcast and are still without your channels. We live in Dracut, Ma.ju

  278. 11/5/2016 I have not been getting ch 4 since 11/1 Bridgewater MA

    1. pkingman says:

      Check your connections to antenna and have TV rescan for available channels. Channel 4 should be there.

      1. Deirdre Wall says:

        Signal starting sucking again Wednesday for us – too broken up to watch :(

  279. Still no OTA broadcast in Southbridge.

  280. I haven’t had channel 5.1 or 4.1, plus others, over air transmission for several days. Is the tower still out? Is work being done on it. When can I expect it back. Jamaica Plains, MA I have rescanned and I am missing several that I used to get with a strong signal. I miss my channel 5 news.

  281. I see the last WBZ update was October 24. SMH. WGBH has been more diligent about repair progress updates


  282. Sue Therrien says:

    We are still not receiving channel 4, WBZ at all, and other stations are are on and off. What is going on.

  283. Bil McArthur says:

    It’s been 2 weeks and I’m still not able to get either 4 (4-1, 4-2) or 38.

  284. I too still have no over air signal, I was told they share the same tower with Channel 5, and evidently channel 44.1. I was told the damage is worse than they thought, and they are working on it, with tower owner and the manufacturer to get it fixed. I live in RI, and I now have missed watching the election coverage…The Providence RI stations-just don’t cover the news like the Boston stations do. I wish NENC was over the air…we do still manage to get WGBH, PBS, however now we are getting channel 7 a bit better. We watched them for election coverage..
    I miss my channel 44.1 shows. Hope this all gets resolved soon!!!

  285. Bil McArthur says:

    Still not getting WSBK (38) WGBX (44) and WBZ (4) has a very weak signal or none at all. These three were always available until recently.

  286. I’m having the same issue. Unable to get WBZ or WCBV here in Pembroke NH since the outage. Please work on fixing this. No other CBS stations available in the area!

  287. If you’re still wondering why your reception still sucks.

    Recent repair updates from WGBH website. Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 9:30am

    Last night’s transition of WGBX and the network stations back to the upper antenna was postponed. Following additional analysis on the transmission lines, engineers found new evidence for the source of the faults that developed when the transmitters were raised to full power.

    Weather permitting, the crew will back on the tower today for more repair work. Then, after the repairs are tested, another attempt will be made to move the stations back to the main antenna and increase the power.

    Monday, November 14, 2016, 8:40am

    Over the past few days the crew has been working on analyzing faults in the system and making repairs. During the overnight hours tonight (Monday into Tuesday), another attempt will be made to move WGBX and the network stations back to the main upper antenna. That will require a shutdown of all stations between about 1:15am and 3:30am.

    Thursday, November 10, 2016, 8:45am

    Last night the repaired switch was reinstalled and tested successfully. Unfortunately, as the stations were moved back to the upper antenna, another problem was detected that caused the transmitters to shut down. WGBX and the network stations had to be moved back to the temporary antenna at reduced power, while WGBH remains on the lower main antenna at full power.

    The crew will be going back on the tower today to test more components and further survey the upper antenna.

    Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 6:45pm

    With the repaired switch back on site, the crew will reinstall it tonight and make another attempt to move WGBX and the network stations back to the upper master antenna. This work will require a shutdown of all stations (including WGBH) during the overnight hours between about 1:30am-3:30am. If the service is successful, WGBH, WGBX, and the networks should all be back on the main antennas at full power.

    Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 9:30am

    Some challenges persist in moving WGBX and the network stations back to the upper master antenna. The last attempt revealed a problem in a switch located in the transmitter building. A power shutdown of all stations occurred last night between about 1:30am-2:30am so the switch could be bypassed, removed, and sent to a facility in Maine for repair.

    Following the work last night, WGBH is back at full power on the lower master antenna, while WGBX and the network stations continue to broadcast on the temporary antenna at reduced power.

    There is no work scheduled today or tonight as the crew waits for the repaired component.

    Sunday, November 6, 2016, 4:15pm

    WGBX and the network stations were not able to be moved back to the upper master antenna late yesterday afternoon. The crew hopes to make another attempt during the overnight hours tonight at approximately 1:00am. That work will require a 10-15 minute shutdown, followed by an hour or so of low power operation. If successful, all stations could be back to full power by early Monday morning.

    Saturday, November 5, 2016, 3:55pm

    Earlier today WGBH was moved back to the lower master antenna at full power. Viewers should now have normal reception on channels 2 and World Channel.

    WGBX (Ch. 44, Create, and Kids) and the other network stations will be transitioned back to the upper master antenna at approximately 4:00pm. This will require a complete shutdown of those stations for approximately 10 minutes. Afterwards they will return to the air at reduced power for about an hour while engineers make the necessary adjustments to return to full power.

    Over the next 4-5 days, the work on the tower moves to normalizing the systems and removing the temporary antennas. There may be periods where power must be reduced to protect the tower crews from exposure to the high RF energy of the lower and upper master antennas.

    We hope to have reception normalized on all channels very soon.
    Thursday, November 3, 2016, 6:00pm

    WGBH, WGBX, and the network stations are all running on the temporary antennas at reduced height and power, and the repairs are underway on the main antennas. In this configuration, reception will continue to be a problem for some over-air viewers and cable subscribers through the duration of the repairs.

    We are still estimating that it will take about 10 days to complete the repairs, which means we are hoping to be back on the main antennas at full power by the end of next week. The schedule is being revised daily as the teams continually work to improve the timeframe and the on air status of all of the stations. As we’ve noted in these updates, work on the tower is dynamic and unforeseen factors such as weather could change the timin

  288. Deirdre Wall says:

    Finally have the signal back yesterday,q hurrah!

    1. Bil McArthur says:

      I can also confirm, 4. 38 and 44 are back on @ full power.

      But strangely WYCN – 13 that was coming in well is now only @ 50%. Any correlation?

  289. Repair update from WGBH

    Friday, November 18, 2016, 9:00am

    The testing and analysis over the past few days revealed the need for additional repair work in order to get back to normal operation. A multi-step plan is in motion to regain broadcast range while more parts are fabricated.

    Tests from the previous night confirmed that we could safely put WGBX, WBZ, WCVB, and WSBK back on the upper main antenna at about 40% power. That move was completed yesterday. And despite the reduced power, the effective reach covers approximately 95% of our over-air viewers, which is significantly more than we had on the temporary antenna.

    Next, sometime this morning, the stations will switch positions on the main antennas – WGBH will move to the upper antenna at full power, and WGBX and the networks will move to the lower antenna, also at full power. Again, based on the previous night’s testing, running WGBH at full power alone on the upper antenna is below the power threshold that the four stations combined (WGBX, WBZ, WCVB, and WSBK) would be on that antenna.

    If this works as planned, and no reflected power or other issues are exhibited, the stations will stay in this configuration until after the Thanksgiving holiday when new parts will be ready. However, should problems develop, the stations will have to revert back to the previous configuration on the temporary antenna.

    The issues that the tower crew, engineers, and station staff are managing are extremely complex, and they are doing everything possible to resolve them as quickly and as safely as possible. We’re sincerely grateful for the continued patience and understanding of all of our viewers who have been affected by the outage.

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