DEDHAM (CBS) – Police arrested a man accused of stealing candy bars from a Dedham convenience store after they found weapons and drugs in his car.

A Massachusetts State Police trooper responded to a report that a man had stolen several candy bars on Monday.

The suspect removed five candy bars from his pockets and the trooper soon learned that the man’s driver’s license was expired.

During a search of the man’s car, police found several knives, multiple guns, and drugs.

Police arrested the 40-year-old Canton man, who they did not identify, and charged him with shoplifting as well as gun and drug charges.

He was held on $15,000 bail until his arraignment Tuesday in Dedham District Court.

  1. Southpaw says:

    So he was breaking the law with weapons and drugs and decides to risk getting caught by stealing a few bucks worth of candy bars. Why? Didn’t the drug dealer have any money in his pocket? “Can’t fix stupid”, said Ron White.

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