BOSTON (CBS) – There was a special delivery near one of the busiest sections of the Mass Pike on Sunday night. It happened when a baby just couldn’t wait any longer to meet the world.

The parents were racing to Mass General from Framingham when time ran out. But thanks to some real heroes, there is a happy ending.

“I kind of said, 911, I’m not going to make it,” remembers Emily Redfern, resting comfortably in an MGH bed on Monday. But the night before, she and her husband Mike were stuck in Mass Pike traffic with Emily experiencing contractions.

They’re son, Declan, wasn’t waiting.

Emily Redfern, baby Declan, Mike Redfern and Trooper Joe Hilton (Photo credit Mass. State Police)

Emily Redfern, baby Declan, Mike Redfern and Trooper Joe Hilton (Photo credit Mass. State Police)

“Our main goal was to get to the hospital, and everything just stopped, we just had to stop,” says Mike. “We pulled over at exit 18, under the bridge there. I flew out of the car and laid on the ground,” Emily says.

That’s when State Trooper Joe Hilton arrived. “He did everything he could to calm me down, and I was so grateful for him to be there,” Emily says.

Trooper Hilton was ready to deliver Declan right there at the underpass, but then Boston EMS rolled up and placed Emily in an ambulance, helping her baby into the world, along the side of the road. “It was seconds. It was boom. He just flew out,” Mike says.

The Redferns got to the underpass at about 7:10pm. Declan was born at 7:22pm. “I was very scared. I was mostly scared for Declan. But I had great support with Boston EMS and the state troopers that were there,” says Emily.

And Declan is doing fine, all 7 lbs, 4 oz of him. “It ended up being OK. And I felt comfortable being able to give birth on the Mass Pike,” says Emily.


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