ARLINGTON (CBS) – Good Samaritans rushed to rescue a woman from her sinking SUV after she accidentally drove into Arlington’s Spy Pond Friday afternoon. Video taken from the shore shows three people swimming out to the woman’s Ford Edge.

“She was very, very scared and had taken in water,” said Dan Frazier of Boxford. “And she, she knew she was dying. I mean, she just figured this was it.”

The image is still vivid for Frazier and Kenneth Chapman of a 68-year-old Medford woman stuck sinking in her car.

On Friday afternoon, the two men said they heard a splash, then saw the aftermath.

Dan Frazier (L) and Kenneth Chapman (R) jumped into an Arlington pond to rescue a woman (WBZ-TV)

Dan Frazier (L) and Kenneth Chapman (R) jumped into an Arlington pond to rescue a woman (WBZ-TV)

An eyewitness recorded video as Frazier, Chapman and one other dove in to save her.

The first man opened the door, water rushed in and the car appeared to sink.

“He got sucked down a little bit at the same time and then, what seemed to be forever was about ten seconds,” Frazier said. “She popped up.”

As the man grew tired, Frazier took over, grabbing a cushion for the woman to float on.

Bystanders rush to help a woman out of her sinking car. (Image Credit: Arlington Police Department)

Bystanders rush to help a woman out of her sinking car. (Image Credit: Arlington Police Department)

Chapman, who is visiting from Sydney, Australia, joined him about 20 feet from shore until finally she was safe.

“She was saying ‘thank you Jesus,’” Chapman recalled.

The woman was treated for mild hypothermia but was conscious and alert when she was transported to the hospital. Police say the woman was trying to back into a parking space on Linwood Circle when she drove over a curb and plunged into the pond.

Crews worked through the afternoon and into the night to pull out her car with no luck.

Frazier and Chapman said they were lucky to be there at the critical moment.

“When you think about the coincidence of that, it’s just breathtaking,” Chapman said.

Comments (22)
  1. Holmes says:

    Thank God she didn’t plow thru a group of people on a sidewalk. She needs to be drug/alcohol tested – who drives their vehicle into the water?.

  2. Susan Parker says:

    Whoever videoed this should have put down their phone and helped.

    1. Rick Evans says:

      @ Susan Parker — you’re assuming the person who recorded the video can swim. Maybe they cannot. Also, the video shows the two rescuers already near the SUV which would have taken some time thus it’s possible the videographer came upon the incident well after it was underway.

      Now if the videographer saw witnessed the accident and decided to record it instead of dialing 911 you would have a point.

  3. chowdacom says:

    Recently at a Doctors office I watched recently two nurses help an elderly man to his car. He was using a walker and with no exaggeration it took them 15mins to get him about 40 ft to his car. ( I was waiting in the parking lot). They put his walker into the back seat and helped him into the driver seat. He was driving what looked like an 80’s Marquis,a BIG car! Because he was haunched he could barely see over the wheel or out the side windows. He was at least 80 but if I learned he was 100 it would not have surprised me. Sad but I have no doubt I will see him on the news. I would have thought Doctors would have an obligation to report extreme cases like this? As far as the videoing goes there needs to be someone recording the events or we would never see these videos or pics. Of course different story if you are the only one there.

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