By Ken MacLeod

LOWELL (CBS) – Police in Lowell are searching for a duo accused of holding up salons, even putting a knife up to one store clerk’s throat.

Three beauty salons have been robbed since Friday by the knife wielding suspect, but police say he’s not working alone.

Police say a woman captured on surveillance is the scout, visiting the salons in advance to check things out.

At New Millenium she sat in the waiting area charging her phone — and maybe snapping a photo or two. On Friday, owner Bonnie Bereira says she got a visit from a man described by police as the armed half of the robbery duo. He allegedly put a knife to a worker’s throat and robbed the register.

Tuesday at Brianny’s, he allegedly held a knife to a hairdresser’s throat and stole two customers’ pocketbooks.

And on Wednesday at Thaysa’s, he allegedly held a customer at knifepoint and stole her purse.

In each instance, police say, he has a gun in his waistband, but doesn’t brandish it.

Wednesday, after the tandem hit for the third time in five days, Lowell Police went public with surveillance photos, hoping they’ll be caught before someone gets hurt.

Police have found the 1996 Honda Accord thought to be the getaway car. It’s registered to a Methuen woman, but police aren’t saying if they think she’s the female half of this duo.

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    Celebrate diversity!

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