By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Who made the most pithy, insightful comment to date on the current presidential race? Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump? Triumph, the insult comic dog?

Try none of the above.

The answer is Ken Bone, a 34-year-old St. Louis coal plant operator who asked a question about energy policy at Sunday night’s presidential debate. His thoughtful question and striking red sweater made him an instant internet icon. But while his 15 minutes of fame are mostly being treated as an amusing sidebar, after listening to Bone on a cable TV interview Tuesday, I think more serious attention should be paid.

Bone said that the debate left him “more undecided than I was before,” because while Trump has been far more friendly toward the coal industry than Clinton, leading Bone to conclude that he would “have more career opportunities and be better able to take care of my family under Donald Trump,” he also believes that Trump Supreme Court nominees might put at risk “some of the rights we’ve fought so hard for, marriage equality, voting rights, trying to extend real equality to all Americans, and to risk losing any of that really gives me pause.”

Bone’s dilemma?

“It’s kind of my self-interest versus the community interest, and I think a lot of us are in that same place,” he said.

That’s the most eloquent dissertation I’ve heard all year on the plight of the undecided voter, and while you may quarrel with his characterization of what Clinton and Trump might do, his sincerity and intelligence are indisputable.

Too often in our culture, we focus on the superficial and ignore the profound.

We can reverse that trend if we listen to Ken Bone’s words and pay less attention to his sweater.

Comments (20)
  1. Frotus says:

    Poor Ken Bone has been brainwashed if he thinks a progressive, liberal SCOTUS will do anything other than render rulings that will result in massive government growth and cost at the expense of “unalienable” rights

    1. ELaw says:

      Guess U don’t really understand how the government works, do you?

      It’s congress, with (usually) the president’s approval, that decides how much money is going to be spent and on what. Of the 3 branches of government, the judicial has by far the least influence on spending, and the SCOTUS is only one court out of thousands in the judicial branch.

      From the way you put “unalienable” in quotes, I suspect your real agenda is like that of many conservatives – to force your religiously-based moral code on others.

    2. American says:

      “The economy does better under democrats” – Donald j Trump

  2. John L Lewis says:

    “… while Trump has been far more friendly toward the coal industry than Clinton …”

    And what does this amazing, totally unsupportable premise say about Mr. Bone’s grasp of the facts?

    1. ELaw says:

      He probably thinks that because Trump has an “R” in parentheses next to his name.

      Lots of people seem to think that Republicans have their best economic interests in mind… and for about 0.01% of the population, that’s actually true.

      1. The Owl says:

        Do you really think, EL, that Hillary and the Democrats have any interest in anyone other than themselves?

        Come back from the Twilight Zone.

  3. mstarvin says:

    If he works in the coal industry and doesn’t know how to vote he is not very smart. Hillary has clearly stated that she will end the coal industry…Trump will protect it. He looks like they went out looking for a numb-skull to add drama to the TV show.

  4. mikey says:

    With his no-nonsense levelheadedness Ken Bone brought the debate, that was a merry-go-round of political upheaval, to a complete stop. Good for him.

    (and anyone who thinks the shedding suit that was featured on-air this morning is a great idea – should not own a dog)

    1. mstarvin says:

      LOL..something we agree on..the shedding suit!!

  5. mstarvin says:

    And some people wonder why Trump thinks the “moderators” are in the bag for Hillary?? Seems he is right…

    1. mikey says:

      More political deviousness. I’m shocked. Trump’s scary and Clinton’s a nasty political chameleon.
      Some choice.

  6. mstarvin says:

    Seems Hillary and her posse don’t like Catholics:

    Thank you wikileaks!! Time to expose the corruption these criminals are involved in!!

    1. bees_knees_6 says:

      And……???? Do you think it is a surprise to find out that religion has no place in government yet the catholic and evangelical religions continue to force their beliefs on all Americans. It isn’t Catholics and it isn’t the Evangelicals….it is the religion which is manmade and in too many instances has far too little to do with faith.

      Don’t forget to look right when you speak of corruption.

      You can play the deflection game forever. Perhaps, it would be better to look at the policies of each…………..if you can find any of Trump’s.

      1. The Owl says:

        Ask Vince Foster how he feels about the way that Bill and Hillary destroyed him.

        Oh, sorry…He couldn’t take it and committed suicide…and Hillary was responsible for clearing out his office before the DOJ could get to what was in there.

      2. mstarvin says:

        She wasn’t restating the separation of church and state she was mocking Catholics. Loony freaking lefties hate Christians but LOVE Islam….. If Islam takes over guess who loses their heads first…your lot morons.

    2. Donald J Trump says:

      I was made an honorary priest for molesting young girls including my own daughter Ivanka.

  7. bees_knees_6 says:

    To the topic…..

    The day after the VP debate, NJ’s main utility, PSEG, said it would close two remaining two NJ coal plants by spring. “The sustained low prices of natural gas have put economic pressure on these plants for some time. In that context, we could not justify the significant investment required to upgrade these plants to meet the new reliability standards,” said Bill Levis, president and chief operating officer of PSEG Power.

    Trump doesn’t seem to know that no one will buy the power from those plants because it is too expensive. He also doesn’t seem to know is what Levis didn’t say. The plants used to produce the coal have needed upgrading for years and blaming Obama – rather than spending the fortune – is an easy way to remove the blame from them

    1. The Owl says:

      Coal is actually quite cheap to mine, Bees, and there is a lot more in coal reserves than you might think…

      And a nation that burns energy as we do need to be cognizant that there will be both a continuing need and a growing need.

      The reason why coal is so expensive is that it is bound by a bunch of Mickey-Mouse regulations that have driven both the cost of a ton of coal to ridiculous levels, and the power that coal generates to beyond reasonable justification.

      While you are cheering the demise of coal, please remember that you consume a far more amount of power every day than most of the world and that power needs to come from somewhere.

      Is it time for you to jump on the nuclear bandwagon, or are you going to condemn the “6” of whom you are so proud to lives that don’t come close the levels of comfort and convenience that you now enjoy…indeed,,,believe that you are entitled to?

  8. Donald J Trump says:


    RCP Average10/3 – 10/11—-48.041.8Clinton +6.2
    NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl10/8 – 10/10806 LV3.55040Clinton +10
    LA Times/USC Tracking10/5 – 10/112868 LV4.54444Tie
    Reuters/Ipsos10/6 – 10/102363 LV2.24437Clinton +7
    Economist/YouGov10/7 – 10/8971 RV4.24843Clinton +5
    The Atlantic/PRRI10/5 – 10/9886 LV3.94938Clinton +11
    NBC News/SM10/3 – 10/923329 LV1.05144Clinton +7
    Quinnipiac10/5 – 10/61064 LV3.05044Clinton +6
    FOX News10/3 – 10/6896 LV3.04844Clinton +4

  9. The Owl says:

    An, just how are you not continuing to draw attention to his sweater?

    This piece of yours isn’t doing much more than continuing the pandering,

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