DARTMOUTH (CBS) — A video released Tuesday by Dartmouth Police is a public service announcement to anyone considering taking part in the creepy clown craze: Don’t.

The video begins with an enactment of an officer responding to a woman who reports a suspicious person who “popped out of the woods and scared my daughter half to death,” then “offered her something to go into the woods with him.”


The officer pulls up to the wooded area where he finds a creepy clown that fits the reported description.

“What are you going to do about it, tough guy,” the creepy clown says, approaching the officer.

The clown becomes clearly outnumbered after a clown car-style exit of officers from the cruiser.

“If you want to act like a clown, we have no problem treating you like a clown,” Dartmouth Police Detective Kyle Costa says.

Costa warned that,  depending on the circumstance, clowns could get arrested for disturbing the peace, trespassing, or enticing a child.

Comments (7)
  1. Hack Wannabe says:

    Can They Arrest Hillary?

    She is the Biggest Clown out there!

    1. American says:

      LOL, Trump the kiddie diddler is now fighting with his own party. He is clowning his supporters and laughing at simpletons like you as he takes your money.

  2. Robert says:

    Nah! She is tied with Trump!

  3. Concerned American says:

    That is a lot of fat old cops, they would not do anything but get back in their cars and go get a snack.

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