CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – A Cambridge man has been arrested and charged with stealing an ambulance and causing minor damage to a police cruiser.

Just after 5 p.m. Tuesday, Cambridge Police say 48-year-old Everett Goss stole an ambulance from Pro Ambulance Dispatch.

An officer spotted the ambulance at the traffic light at the intersection of Cambridge and Third Street.

Cambridge Police say an officer positioned himself in front of the ambulance on Gore Street and it came to a stop.

The officer got out of his cruiser and ordered Goss to put the ambulance in park and turn it off. Goss attempted to comply, but as he did the ambulance rolled forward and hit the police vehicle.

Impact caused minor damage to the cruiser.

Goss was arrested and will be charged with larceny of a motor vehicle and operating without a license.

Brett Bobysud was walking near his apartment when he saw the exchange between Goss and the officer.

“I could hear the officer because he raised his voice, not in any threatening way. He just said ‘You stole an ambulance!’” Bobysud recalled.


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