CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Would you take a pay cut to work from home?

That’s what researchers at Harvard University and Princeton University recently asked Americans, and many of them said yes.

The average employee is willing to lower their pay by 8 percent for the opportunity to work from home, a survey found.

See The Survey (PDF)

The experts notes that while U.S. workers may have a lot of interest in skipping their daily commute, only 9 percent say that’s a perk their employer offers.

“This suggests that there are workers who don’t have this option who would be willing to take 21% lower wages for the ability to work from home,” researchers stated.

Thousands of people who were both currently employed and looking for work participated in the survey.

  1. Chris Christie's Belt says:

    Not really a big cut though, I pay 300 bucks a month for parking, a hundred+ in gas, hundreds in wear and tear or possible tickets and insurance increases. Then I spend 15 bucks for lunch in the city instead of 3 bucks for lunch at home…

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