SAUGUS (CBS) — A Saugus family has a gripe with an airline after trying to rebook their daughter’s flight back to her hurricane damaged university in South Carolina.

UPDATE: Spirit Apologizes, Issues Refund

Hurricane Matthew brought heavy rain, high winds, and severe flooding to parts of South Carolina.

Emily Colbert of Saugus is a freshman at Coastal Carolina University. Her family acted quickly and booked her Spirit Airlines flight home before the storm hit.

She was supposed to return to South Carolina Monday morning but conditions are so bad the university is not yet allowing students back.

Emily’s family tried to get the flight changed but they say Spirit Airlines refused, telling them flights after Sunday do not fall under their Hurricane Matthew policy.

“We don’t know when its safe yet for her to go back because the college is telling us that they can’t return to campus,” said mother Deanna Colbert.

“So I can’t rebook her a flight, and Spirit’s saying that they won’t help me out with the situation.”

Emily says if she took that flight on Monday she would have no place to stay. WBZ-TV contacted Spirit Airlines and the company said they are looking into the situation.

Comments (3)
  1. Denmom says:

    Anyone who would fly Spirit in the first place needs their head examined. A classic example of “You get what you pay for”.

  2. Lisa says:

    I had the same experience with Spirit Airlines last night. My daughter is also a Freshman at CCU. She was supposed to fly out this morning, however she would have had no where to go. I tried to have them at least waive the ridiculous $90.00 change fee. They wouldn’t budge. So instead of cancelling or changing the flight she just didn’t fly out this morning. Bad, Bad customer service.
    Denmom: Unfortunately college students that attend CCU don’t have much of an option for reasonable priced flights.

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