LAWRENCE (CBS) – City officials are considering all options, including a possible lawsuit, after a Brazilian festival caused nearly $900,000 in damage to the Lawrence High School football field.

Lawrence City Councilor Marc Laplante said it is a “a disgrace” that empty beer cans, bottles, and food were left behind after a Brazilian festival over the weekend.

Mayor Dan Rivera previously said the field was beyond repair.

Laplante told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz that the city is weighing its options, including a lawsuit against festival organizer Floripa Productions.

“Clearly we need to immediately get the money to fix up the damage that was done there,” said Laplante.

The rental contract for a football field in Lawrence. (Bernice Corpuz/WBZ)

The rental contract for a football field in Lawrence. (Bernice Corpuz/WBZ)

A copy of the contract obtained by WBZ shows the licensee is responsible for trash removal, through either a cleanup crew or paying the city an additional fee.

In addition, the licensee is required to deposit cash or pay a minimum $250,000 insurance for property damages.

Floripa Productions has not yet commented on the damage done to the field.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

Comments (4)
  1. Kate says:

    “Possible lawsuit,” clearly should be impending lawsuit. Attach Floripa’s assets immediately. They clearly are not good neighbors, or candidates for continued membership in the Rotary Club, or Better Business Bureau. Nearly a week later, and not even an apology from them. Bogus people who don’t deserve any future consideration anywhere.

  2. Denmom says:

    It serves Lawrence right for making the facility available to a bunch of savages in the first place. This isn’t their first rodeo on such festivals, and they should have known better.

  3. mstarvin says:

    Your liberal chickens have come home to roost!!!

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