By Beth Germano

NORTH ANDOVER (CBS) — Two North Andover police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave while the department investigates an out-of-state motor vehicle accident in which they were allegedly involved and fled the scene.

WBZ-TV obtained a report from the Patton Township Pennsylvania police department which says the officers rear ended an unoccupied construction vehicle just after midnight September 28 that sent equipment into the road.

The report says the driver, Sgt. Daniel Crevier “fled the scene” along with his passenger detective Brendan Gallagher. It also says that Crevier “failed to notify police of the accident and damage to the vehicle” which was part of a bridge construction project in State College, Pennsylvania.

It was a passing motorist who tells WBZ-TV that he saw the more heavily damaged, police-issued Dodge Charger the officers were in and called 911 fearing someone was seriously injured. But police say they found the officers at a hotel a considerable distance away and according to the report Crevier “had been drinking.”

The officers were attending a conference at the time of the accident. North Andover police chief Charles Gray issued a statement saying, “….two North Andover police officers were alleged to have been involved in a motor vehicle accident while at a training session in Pennsylvania. Those two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.”

Comments (4)
  1. GMan says:

    Drinking ?…. I’m shocked

  2. Marc Savasta says:

    disgraceful they have to be FIRED

  3. Chris Christie's Belt says:

    Paid vacation, that will teach them!

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