REHOBOTH (CBS) – A Rehoboth high school student was arrested after making clown-related threats on social media.

A parent contacted police on Tuesday about Twitter threats that mentioned Dighton Rehoboth High School.

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Police tracked the Twitter account to a home in Rehoboth.  A 17-year-old admitted to police that he had posted the tweets, which threatened to “drop” kids at Rehoboth High.

“As this juvenile put it, ‘it was just a prank,’ but it was a very serious prank,” said Rehoboth Police Chief Jim Trombetta. “He was immediately arrested and taken into custody

The teenager was charged with threats to commit a crime and making a threat concerning the location of dangerous items, because the threat mentioned a firearm.

School officials said in a statement they hope the student’s arrest will be a “teachable moment.”

Once again we thank our law enforcement folks for all their work in communicating with our school district as well as our high school administration keeping our school community safe. We ask that parents use this situation as a teachable moment in order to quell their child’s angst created by the chatter through social media concerning clown sightings.

In recent days social media posts about clowns have prompted lockdowns at campuses around the country.

Police departments have called the hoax clown sightings a drain on public resources.

“It diverting our guys who have other things to do,” Trombetta said.

Rehoboth Police reminded the public that anyone considering similar behavior will be “met with arrest and prosecution.”


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