AMHERST (CBS) – There was a show of unity from the Boston Celtics as they opened up the preseason at UMass Tuesday night.

The players united in arms during the National Anthem with their heads bowed.

They say they discussed what they wanted to do with coach Brad Stevens before the game.

The moment was similar to the demonstrations in the NFL this season aimed at promoting a dialogue on race and equality.

The Celtics also posted this message about unity on their Facebook page.

“We are one, we are in this together, and this is what we have to say. For decades, the people who have worn this jersey, have stared in the face of social unrest. And each time, they responded by coming together. We are honored to represent our predecessors, and humbly accept the baton, to stand together, and demonstrate the power of unity,” the players said in the video.

As for the game, the Celtics lost to Philadelphia, 92-89.

Comments (3)
  1. Helen says:

    I’m all for coming together in unity, but why couldn’t you have just joined arms and stood at attention in honor of you country?

  2. mstarvin says:

    The only social injustice is that these players are paid millions to play a game. They are given free college based on their race and then drop out and get paid millions while decrying social injustice…..please a collection of spoiled children.

  3. So my question is – Is it unity of all Americans together? Or is it unity based on your perception of police brutality against one particular race of Americans?

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