BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots finally get their Hall-of-Fame QB back in Week 5, but Tom Brady still had the NFL Players Association fighting the NFL’s DeflateGate ruling on his behalf. With Brady back in New England and his suspension in the past, the NFLPA has also decided to put DeflateGate in their rear-view mirror.

The NFLPA tweeted Sunday night that they have decided not to continue appealing the decision by Roger Goodell and the league to suspend Brady for four games, which essentially granted the NFL commissioner absolute power under Article 46 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Had the NFLPA won future appeals, the record could have changed after the Second Circuit overturned Judge Richard Berman’s decision to nullify the suspension – but, of course, the suspension could no longer be undone.

“After consultation with Tom Brady and our appellate counsel, we have decided to not pursue additional appeals in this matter,” the NFLPA tweeted.

The NFLPA’s decision comes nearly three months after Brady announced that he would end his fight against the league and serve the four-game suspension. With the off-field aspects of DeflateGate over, Brady can finally focus on getting ready for the Cleveland Browns and playing actual football – and the NFLPA can work on getting themselves a better CBA when it expires in 2020.

  1. hammerhead says:

    anyone know when the league is going to penalize the colts for underinflated balls? after the wells report found 3 out of the 4 balls they used were under-inflated?

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