By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – If Donald Trump goes down in flames on Election Day, he will take with him what is left of the reputation of quite a few people who have squandered their credibility in his service.

Chief among them: Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, whose abysmal advocacy for Trump includes the suggestion that Trump boycott the final two presidential debates over perceived unfairness, and his incredible interview Sunday on “Meet the Press” where he was eagerly attacking Hillary Clinton over her husband’s well-documented infidelity.

Giuliani, of course, notoriously cheated on at least one of his first two wives, a fact noted by host Chuck Todd.

“Well,” responded Giuliani, “everybody does.”

No, Mr. Mayor, not even close.

Perhaps in your big-money, chauffeur-driven circles, violating your marriage vows is par for the course, but not out here in the real world.

The most recent statistics I could find online show 21 percent of men and a slightly lower percentage of women admit to cheating on their spouse; even if you add ten or even 15 points to that number on the presumption that people are reluctant to admit it, that is still a very far cry from “everybody.”

In fact, the evidence would suggest that for many, the vow of fidelity is a profound commitment, even sacred depending on your faith, and honoring it is both a test and display of inner character.

I’m willing to give Giuliani the benefit of the doubt he won’t give to the Clintons – that it’s unfair to judge someone’s marriage from a distance, and thus their infidelity might not be proof of evil.

But he is not entitled to his own facts, or to disparage the vast majority in defense of his pitiful grab for relevance.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (40)
  1. mstarvin says:

    Oh look…the NYT hit piece on Trump’s taxes has flopped so all the lefty “journalists” are in panic mode and now Jon attempts to write a hit piece against those who support Trump….pathetic.

    1. bees_knees_6 says:

      If Trump released his tax returns as every candidate does, there would not be an issue. Dancing around the fact that he refuses to release them or using an inane comment that people will not understand them, simply shows that it doesn’t matter to his supporters what he does wrong (including shooting someone if he so chose). Oddly, the mistakes Clinton has clearly made seem to matter a great deal to the same supporters. Hypocrisy at its best.

      1. mstarvin says:

        Ah OK so that makes obtaining them illegal, a Federal crime, OK with you?? We shall see how you feel about that when Hillary’s hacked emails come out this week…… I am willing to bet you will be crying foul then….speaking of being hypocritical..

      2. bees_knees_6 says:


      3. Concerned American says:

        …except that Trump’s taxes, unlike Hillary’s work e-mails as Secretary of State, are not a public record, and his taxes not being released doesn’t kill four people in another country or leave said country as a failed state.

        If they did, you would have a point, but as usual, you aren’t dealing in facts.

      4. bees_knees_6 says:

        Wow – that is the height of deflection and seriously the most ridiculous excuse for Trump not releasing his tax returns….something the majority of candidates do. It is also a testament to the lengths his supporters will go to justify his actions.

      5. Concerned American says:

        It’s an inconvenient truth for you. Your taxes are none of my business, Owl’s taxes are none of paul dowd’s business, Jon Keller’s taxes are none of Donald Trump’s business, and so forth. This is just a game the left plays because their ideas can’t win on the merits and they know it. And it doesn’t change the fact that you are, as usual, dead wrong on the facts in calling it “hypocrisy” for what Hillary did to matter because her e-mails were public record save for ones containing classified info – or at least, were supposed to be.

        And we’ve already established that I am not a Trump supporter, so you’re also wrong there (shocker!)

      6. bees_knees_6 says:

        CA – for a man who insisted for years that the president release his BC which is not the norm not to release his tax statements – which is the norm – I think you are stretching. He has very questionable business practices. As such, and if he is going to become president, it most certainly is our business…..since it is common practice.

      7. Concerned American says:

        You are the only one who is stretching, since (a) Clinton’s e-mails while Secretary of State are to be a public record while a person’s taxes are not, and (b) Trump’s taxes don’t have consequences like people getting killed in a terrorist attack at an embassy or a country becoming a failed state.

        And that’s before we get to all of Hillary’s lying about her lack of transparency and as we now learn that the FBI apparently made side deals with Hillary associates to destroy laptops after inspecting them. (Hmmm, and remember the conveniently crashed hard drive of Lois Lerner… am I detecting a pattern in this administration?)

  2. hammerhead says:

    ahh the Lib Keller speaks oh my gawd look at Trump! while a real reporter could write articles non stop about all the Mis-doings of hillary all we get from the Lib reporters is crickets!

  3. bees_knees_6 says:

    And the deflection begins……Trump supporters have nothing except deflection so why not do it in spades. And if they are not deflecting, they are degrading anyone who does not agree with them. The man is unhinged. In addition, Giuliani’s reputation is toast with anyone who is remotely decent.

    How in heaven’s name can one person point to any problems with the Clinton marriage which have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CAMPAIGN when they support Trump and drool over Giuliani.

    No, everyone does not cheat. The majority of people do not cheat. What part of rational is slamming someone for infidelity and when accused of the same stating everyone does it?

    1. mstarvin says:

      The rational part is that Giuliani had an AFFAIR, Bill Clinton molested and raped the women he cheated with. Having an AFFAIR that does not abuse your position of power to force the woman into a relationship or cause them to be in fear of reporting unwanted advances is not a crime, what Clinton has done is a crime.

      1. bees_knees_6 says:

        No, MO, the rational part is that Bill Clinton is not running for president so your point is moot. Trump, on the other hand, whose name can be inserted in a number of comments similar to yours is running for president.


      2. mstarvin says:

        Perfect you just stepped in it. So Trump’s taxes, illegally obtained, show nothing wrong… So what is your point?? Bill Clinton is not running but his wife is and she had a HUGE part in trying to destroy the lives and reputations of his victims so it is very relevant. She likes to point out Trump’s treatment of women however she and the MSM ignore her own horrid treatment of women that were victimized by her husband. She marches out some former “beauty queen” who got fat, against her contract she signed, threatened to kill a judge and shows extremely poor morals yet you and the MSM media ignore the facts and try to highlight just a very small comment from Trump, out of context, to try to assassinate his character.

    2. The Owl says:

      Why, Bees?

      Because Bill’s actions can easily be construed as sexual harassment, even rape. both of which can be felonies

      Remember…Hillary believes that all women claiming that they have been sexually harassed or raped deserve to be believed…And yet Hillary goes out of her way to deride, even destroy, those women who have made such claims about her husband.

      It goes to the ethics and judgment of Hillary both as a person and as an official of government.

      We all know, already, about Bill’s willingness to lie under oath to protect his skin, so that isn’t a matte that’s up for discussion. Remember, he lost his law license for five years because of his lying about his dalliances with an intern in his White House Office…Inappropriate even if she was the initiator.

      And, as for your “dodge” comment to mstarvin…His comment was a direct hit.

      1. bees_knees_6 says:

        Direct hit? Please point out…you or marvin or are you one and the same since you do post under multiple names……where I approved of the NYT obtaining taxes. Marvin’s comments were a deflection. Yours are as well. But then, as I said, it is all you have because even you cannot support Trump and his actions.

        Do be specific as to where I stated that the returns should be obtained illegally, please…..very specifically.

      2. mstarvin says:

        Any time a liberal is hit with facts they cry deflection or dodge.. I just ignore them as that is their pathetic equivalent to waving a white flag. The way I translate their claim is them saying..”Oh no this guy has a good point…I will claim its a deflection!!”.

      3. The Owl says:

        “I just ignore them as that is their pathetic equivalent to waving a white flag.”

        I get a good laugh out of their “defelections”. They are quite hypocritical in that regard…in addition to all of their other hypocrisies.

        Bees doesn’t want to think about the next trove of emails that WikiLeaks may dump…they may make her look and feel more of the the fool.

      4. bees_knees_6 says:

        Owl/MO ……I’m waiting for the specific. You have a bit of work to do it seems yet you amuse us by continuing your dance.

      5. mstarvin says:

        Bees you should have used all caps so you would look more like the other lunatic who posts undecipherable messages in these forums.

      6. The Owl says:

        Perjury. A crime that occurs when an individual willfully makes a false statement during a judicial proceeding, after he or she has taken an oath to speak the truth …

    3. hammerhead says:

      bees thanks for this mornings laugh DEFLECTION lol thats all you libs do is Deflect Ignore filter

  4. mikey says:

    Yo Rudy! But you still cheated.

  5. paul dowd says:

    No Rudy, everybody doesn’t cheat on their spouses. It would be deplorable to do so. Trump does and he brags about it. Trump supporters would to if they could find someone to cheat on.

  6. The Owl says:

    Guiliania hasn’t had the power that you ascribe to him, Jon, for many a year.

    But I’d match his judgement against that of Hillary or Bill…or even you…any day of the week.

    He hasn’t been found to have committed a felony as Bill Clinton has or shown by his actions that he served his own interests while he was in a position of power. Hilary Clinton surely has.

    1. paul dowd says:

      Please excuse me TO. I don’t remember when Bill Clinton was found to have committed a felony. Would you be so kind as to refresh my memory as to Bill Clinton’s commission of a felony? Thanks in advance. Also, would you explain when and how Secretary Clinton served her own interests while she was in a position of power?

  7. The Owl says:

    He pleaded to it and he got his law license suspended for five year.

    Sorry, Roudy, you’re not entitle to your own facts.

    1. bees_knees_6 says:

      Yes, his license was revoked for five years. What felonious crime was Clinton convicted of. Please cite sources. You also are not entitled to your own facts. Note, I am not disagreeing so that will spare you the time it takes to attack my comment.

      So simply….what felonious crime was Clinton convicted of please….with reputable sources.

      1. The Owl says:


        He plea bargained a loss of his bar license to avoid having to go to court.

        You’re pretending to be ignorant, Bees.

        But everybody knew that already.

        See: http://www. /bill-clinton-fined-and-disbarred-over-the-monica-lewinsky-scandal/

      2. bees_knees_6 says:

        Owl we establish – as I clearly said – that he had his license revoked. Please be very very specific as to what felony he was charged with. Stop dancing around the question.

        Also READ MY COMMENT. I said I was not disagreeing but was asking so you would avoid more deflection and yet that is exactly what you did.

        Repeating…..what felony was he convicted of? Please cite the source including the term felony.

      3. The Owl says:

        Perjury. A crime that occurs when an individual willfully makes a false statement during a judicial proceeding, after he or she has taken an oath to speak the truth …

        He committed the crime, and admitted it..or rather had it established that he lied. The court plea-bargained it to a contempt citation.

        But the act was, and remains, a felony no matter how you slice the honey comb, honey.

      4. bees_knees_6 says:

        I understand you are having trouble specifying what felonious crime was charged with because he was not. Please spare us the dance.

        Once again… the exact felony charges filed against Bill Clinton. Better yet, drop it since it is old news, has nothing to do with Hillary and is a smoke screen you are using to cover for Trump. Or should we discuss his foundation.

  8. paul dowd says:

    The Owl, you said he was “found” to have committed a felony. That implies, to me at least and I am not a lawyer, that a judge or jury found him guilty of a felony. I don’t think that has ever happened. Yes, perjury is a felony at the federal level and in some states. It is hard to prove, especially if the defendant is a Yale educated lawyer like Bill and Hillary. Maybe you meant to say he was suspected of perjury. Anyway thats all old history. More importantly, you said Secretary Clinton surely served her own interest while in a position of power but you offer no example of that charge. Other than collecting her paycheck, how did she serve her own interest while in a position of power?

    1. bees_knees_6 says:

      Rowdy….it was a civil contempt holding which is not a felony. It may be old news but for some reason the right seems to think it applies to Hillary. It is a poor attempt to divert attention from Trump’s ills. I’ll be curious to hear the next answer you receive.

      “District Judge Susan Webber Wright found President Bill Clinton in civil contempt of court Monday for his “willful failure” to obey her repeated orders to testify truthfully in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit.”

      1. mstarvin says:

        The key words here being “sexual harassment lawsuit”. He is like Cosby a serial offender.

  9. NotFromCity says:

    Keller is a typical Massachusetts liberal offering only biased reporting and opinions. I’m hoping people see through this guy and his “journalism” that only supports Hillary. Instead of reporting on the real news, why are you trying to create the news?

    1. paul dowd says:

      Noty, This column by Keller, a sound journalist in almost all respects, is not about Secretary Clinton. It is about Trump and Giuliani. The only way that this column “supports” Clinton is that it exposes how inept her opponent and his minions are. By the way, Trump and Secretary Clinton are running for president of the United States and the election is coming up in about a month. In that way I think Keller actually is “reporting on the real news”.

      1. mstarvin says:

        So using your liberal logic…somehow Guiliani cheating is important and reflects on Trump and the election…however Hillary’s husband being a serial sex offender and her destruction of his victims is not?? OK just keep clicking your heels Dorothy and repeating that to yourself…you will eventually believe it.

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