WEYMOUTH (CBS) — The woman who was rescued from a ravine on the side of Route 18 in Weymouth Wednesday night recanted the story she told police about being tied up with duct tape, police said Thursday afternoon.

It is still not known how the 18-year-old woman, who was badly injured, ended up stranded down the steep embankment.

Police investigated the incident throughout the night and day trying to determine whether or not the woman was sexually assaulted.

The woman spoke to them about meeting different men online, and said that one man gave her a ride and dropped her off near where she was found.

Weymouth Police said she called 911 around 8 p.m. Wednesday asking for help. They responded to the area off Route 18 near the ramp to Route 3 around that time, and found the woman by using their sirens and calling out for her.

They said she had duct tape on her hands and feet.

First responders faced a difficult job, using ropes to climb the 30-40 feet to the bottom of the ravine to carry the woman out.

The woman was taken to South Shore Hospital.

“That 911 caller has now disclosed to Police that she was not in fact the victim of an assault of any kind and the entire story was untrue,” Weymouth Police said.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident and reassured the public that there is no danger to the community.

Comments (2)
  1. Raylan12 says:

    Was this the work of the maniac who killed vanessa marcot ? I thought the police said no one had anything to fear and there was no threat to the public ?
    Maybe democrats on Beacon Hill and a.g. Maura Healey should stop trying to take away law abiding peoples fire arms so women like this are not left defenseless.

  2. GMan says:

    Prostitution is a risky business.

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