NEWTON (CBS) — Two people were taken to the hospital after being struck by a tow truck in Newton.

Police responded to the intersection of Beacon Street and Langley Road around 7:30p.m. on Thursday.

Police say one of the pedestrians hit has life-threatening injuries. The driver stayed stopped the car and waited for first responders.

The incident is under investigation.


  1. Deborah Handy says:

    Being a pedestrian in Newton is tantamount to having a death wish. Today I was nearly run down by a person backing out of his driveway onto Beacon Street. Had it not been for the sudden blare of multiple car horns trying to warn him, it might not have been “nearly.” Newton Centre is an absolute mess and the blame falls as much on jaywalkers as to speeding cars with texting drivers. Why are there no traffic police here? Why not empower the parking meter monitors to ticket jaywalkers, cars that ignore pedestrian crosswalks and, most terrifying of all, the speeders. I walk to and from work in Newton Centre. These are the most harrowing 15 minutes of my day.

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