BOSTON (CBS) — It’s really hard not to notice David Ortiz around the Boston area. Unless the Red Sox slugger is wearing a wig, apparently.

Ortiz recently took a spin as an undercover driver for Lyft, giving some unsuspecting Sox “fans” a ride. He had sunglasses and a curly wig on, but still, how do these people not recognize Ortiz?

Check out the video, which while a bit head-scratching, is pretty funny:

One of the riders told Ortiz she owns two of his shirts, and Ortiz’s response was priceless: “All of my shirts are his shirts.”

Ortiz even rags on New York drivers, explains how he hates walking and also agrees that baseball is “too long.” All the riders were surprised to learn that their curly-haired driver was actually Ortiz, which is the most shocking part of the whole promotion.

But everyone reached their destination without any complains, so it looks like Ortiz has another career option for when he finally walks away from the game of baseball.

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