Keller @ Large: A Repeatable News Story That’s A Sign Of Weakness

BOSTON (CBS) – Sometimes around the newsroom we joke about how certain stories are evergreens, predictable news items that make you wonder if you couldn’t save time by just re-running them each year. The pre-Thanksgiving travel crush, for instance; Black Friday shopping; politicians caught stretching the truth.

But there are some modern-day evergreens that aren’t the least bit funny.

Consider the violence in downtown Charlotte this week in the wake of another police shooting of an apparently unarmed African-American.

If the public has confidence in police and community leaders when this kind of incident occurs, there may be peaceful protests, but for the most part everyone waits for the facts to be determined. If not, conclusions are jumped to, people take to the streets, rage is expressed and revenge is taken, often in ways such as looting and arson that damage the credibility of legitimate protestors.

And everyone chooses up sides. Police apologists go after the victim; police antagonists go after the cops.

Decent politicians and civic leaders trying to stand up for truth and justice find themselves marginalized. No one goes home happy.

Underlying problems usually just get worse.

The repetition of this sort of story is a sign of weakness, of a culture without self-respect that can’t keep from scratching its worst itches.

We can only hope we live to see a day when its recurrence seems foreign, not all-too-familiar.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

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One Comment

  1. NRA Proselyte says:

    At least we can all take comfort in the fact that every one of those people on the streets of Charlotte has a 2nd Amendment right to bear arms as protection against any government overreach…

  2. The Owl says:

    If the stories are repeatable, Jon, why isn’t the news media focusing on the fact that they are re-runs of old news instead of falling into the trap of repeating them year after year?

    Aren’t you in the journalism profession guilty of some degree if lazyness?

  3. bees_knees_6 says:

    “And everyone chooses up sides. Police apologists go after the victim; police antagonists go after the cops.”

    There is only one side to choose – past, present, future. That side is that everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty. It is that simple.

    However, thanks to the media and to the feeding frenzy on the blogs and social media (not all but a very good portion liberal hypocrites), the hate translates to the streets and keeps tossing fuel on the fire. And where the heck is the president during all of this. Both candidates have made fools of themselves with their responses….they pander to the crowd and completely forget that the victims AND the police have rights afforded to them and every other person in this country.

    And I’m not the least bit passionate about this………..arghhhh

    1. The Owl says:

      Obama is usually either playing golf, fund raising, or off on vacation.

      And look at the mayhem that he caused when Gates was challenged on his own porch when a policeman viewed is motions as suspicious. Would you really want him commenting?

      1. RightsMatter says:

        Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct while on his own property after being confronted by the police. The DA declined to prosecute Gates (prior to any statements by the President).

        Nothing says “police stupidity” like a DA declining to prosecute.

        (Note to laymen: It is impossible for someone to commit the crime of “disorderly conduct” while inside of ones own home. Gates was lured outside, where it is still almost impossible to commit the crime of disorderly conduct, while still on ones own property).

        Police stupidity!

        And the officer involved clearly lied. His report said that he received a call about a “black man” breaking into a home. The police dispatcher never mentioned a “black” man on his call to the officer (the tapes prove this). The citizen who reported the “break in” never used the word “black man”. (the 911 recording proves this). And yet the officer confronted Gates (who was inside his own home) based on the fact that he was a “black man” (according to his own report).

        Given recent events, Gates may be lucky that he is alive.

        Frankly, I like a President who tells it like it is.

      2. bees_knees_6 says:

        Rights Matter…..According to you, if there is a reported breakin (black, white or purple) a police officer should just leave the person in the home? If it is all right with you, I’d rather they check my home. If it were to be me, I would explain that I am the homeowner and expect to be asked to produce proof to which I would quietly comply. I would not go all commando. Gates acted like an a s s

        What you AND the president are missing is that folks (perhaps because they have a chip or perhaps because they have something to hide or perhaps it is their nature) are not complying with reasonable requests. When a call comes in that someone is breaking into the home, the scenario I posted is absolutely reasonable.

        As far as Obama telling it like is. He had no business interfering with pplice in Cambridge MA and did so simply because Gates is black. He repeatedly says there is something wrong with the criminal justice system……is there now? In the majority of cases where there has been protest, the person was not complying with police, had a known history of violence or a record and posed a threat. In my book, if an officer asks you to stop or put down a gun, you put that gun down. If you do not, then the officer will shoot to protect the public and him/herself. It is that simple.

        Where is Obama telling it like it is with respect to the violence in Charlotte? Where is the media reporting that there are photos of a gun that reportedly has Scott’s fingerprints, DNA and blood on it? Where at the very least is the media reporting that Scott had a lengthy criminal record including violence toward police and could not legally possess a gun…..even in a right to carry state? The liberal Charlotte media even buried the facts about his record while his sister painted him as a saint and started what we now see which was fueled by liberal social media. And yes, I am sure some conservatives helped, but by and large it was the liberal half of this country who has and still is – without facts – supporting vigilante justice.

        Obama is nowhere. And he seems to have forgotten when he IMMEDIATELY condemns the police the simple facts I mentioned earlier that we are all innocent until proven guilty.

  4. mikey says:

    In Chicago, 530 homicides have been committed from Jan. 1, 2016 – Present. Where’s the outrage?

    1. mikey says:

      Additionally – 6 dead, 15 wounded in Chicago shootings since Friday afternoon. Just horrific.

      1. mikey says:

        Saturday night in Chicago – 15 shot, 1 dead.

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