Boston Police Commissioner Wants Officers To Wear Name Tags

BOSTON (AP) — Boston Police Commissioner William Evans is calling for the department to require that officers wear name tags on their uniforms in addition to badges.

But the leader of the city’s largest police union says the move would be unnecessary and would make officers “targets for miscreants.”

While police in other major cities nationwide have worn name tags for decades, Boston police has relied on badges for identifying officers. State law does require officers in Massachusetts to provide their names if asked.

Evans says the addition of name tags would help make the force more transparent.

Lt. Det. Michael McCarthy says the department has been working toward an agreement with the patrolmen’s association and the detective’s union.

Command staff and superior officers have already started wearing tags with their last names.

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One Comment

  1. Chris Christie's Belt says:

    Most Cops do not give you their name when asked, even if it is a law.

    They wear name tags in my town though.

    I had a cop not give me his name once and he completed butchered an accident report so it was hard to track him down as his writing was illegible on it.

  2. says:

    Except for when you asked for their name they get an attitude!

  3. Sy Clops says:

    Good luck with that! Any change is always subject to union “knee jerk” refusal.

    But, of course, the union will be willing to address the change through collective bargaining. Translation: “let’s see the money”.

  4. Miss Creant says:

    “But the leader of the city’s largest police union says the move would be unnecessary and would make officers ‘targets for miscreants.’ ”

    And, more importantly, might make the average cop a little more accountable to that pain-in-the-neck general public.

    How many jobs are open to workers who prefer to remain anonymous?

  5. jerry2286 says:

    Name Tags? That is pretty stupid. How about implementing a “stop and Frisk” program to cut gang violence.

  6. kek says:

    This is right out of a Seinfeld episode – The Non-Fat Yogurt.

    Elaine’s new beau and George’s nemesis, Lloyd Braun, works as an aide to the mayor of New York City, David Dinkins, currently up for re-election against Rudy Giuliani. Elaine suggests that everyone in the city wear name tags, so that they can greet each other. Lloyd takes the idea to Dinkins, much to everyone else’s ridicule. Braun gets fired.

    Proving once again the public lives under a kakistocracy #Evanslosers

    1. Malleus says:

      Your response is right out of the movie “Being There”.

      It is a movie where Peter Sellers plays a feeble-minded man who views the world through the TV shows that he watches.

      Proving once again that …, well you draw your own conclusion.

      1. kek says:

        Yes I draw my own conclusions vs being a parrot for morons and brain dead ideas. #followthemoron

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