By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Ah yes, the Blame Game, America’s fastest-growing pastime.

You know how it works.

If your team loses the big game, it’s because the refs were fixed, the league didn’t want your team to win, even the TV announcers were biased against you. If your girlfriend dumps you, it couldn’t possibly be because you were an inattentive slob who took her for granted. And so on.

Sometimes, bad things do happen to innocent people, we all know that. But when you see the new CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll of white working-class Americans finds 62% blame the federal government for their economic woes, you have to wonder if this finger-pointing is more than a bit misdirected.

Blaming federal trade policies for lost manufacturing jobs is one thing. There’s no doubt companies are chasing better profit margins by outsourcing jobs Americans once held.

But the survey found that only 13% of the white working-class blames employers for their economic struggles, compared with that 62% who blame Washington and 33% who blame Wall Street.

And guess how many respondents blame themselves for their problems?

Five percent, barely outside the survey’s margin of error.

Decisions you made and priorities you set had nothing to do with how you ended up? Who do you think you’re kidding?

Our government’s handling of the economy is fair game for criticism, no question.

But these numbers speak to a self-serving Blame Game that has gotten way out of hand.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (12)
  1. Wrecks Ryan says:

    “If your team loses the big game, it’s because the refs were fixed, the league didn’t want your team to win, even the TV announcers were biased against you.”

    Yup, and if the local team or its star quarterback gets caught with their hands in the cookie jar, it is because of jealous other teams or a (pick your adjectives) jealous, biased, inconsistent, ineffectual commissioner. Yeah, sure.

    And, you have certainly jumped on the homer bandwagon and voiced the above sentiments.

    I doubt that you can even see the hypocrisy

    1. Bengals2 says:

      “Yup, and if the local team or its star quarterback may or may not have been caught with his hand in the cookie jar…..”

      There, I fixed it for you. I doubt you can even see the hypocrisy.

      1. Wrecks Ryan says:

        I did say “if” not “when”.

        You didn’t think that I was suggesting that such a thing could be true, do you? in New England?

        I know the party line. Such things only happen in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and … (gasp) New York …

      2. bees_knees_6 says:

        Wrecks we have been over this a few dozen times. If you are going to make a statement own it but back it up with facts. I’ve requested them repeatedly and you have not produced one. I guess you are living your own blame game and yes I can clearly see your hypocrisy.

    2. Wrecks Ryan says:

      B_K: We *have* been over this a dozen times. My answer has always been, read the Wells Report. It is all there. I and many other fair minded people find its conclusions (and the subsequent disclosures that Brady destroyed his cell phone) compelling.

      I will also add that Kraft’s and the Patriots’ attempts to discredit the report (that the “deflator” reference was from someone who had lost a lot of weight) doesn’t even pass the laugh test. And Belichick’s “Mona Lisa Vito” press conference was equally laughable (basically, “I don’t know anything about football inflation, but we simulated the game conditions by “rubbing” and moistening a few footballs and now I know what happened”).

      You don’t agree. Fair enough. But, my point is, don’t blame it on the other teams. Don’t blame it on the NFL. Don’t blame it on the commissioner. The facts are there for those who don’t have a “homer” bias.

      1. bees_knees_6 says:

        Actually, you have never answered. I read the entire Wells report and there is not one bit of evidence in it. Your “facts” are nothing but assumptions. You seem to have missed that there was not one bit of evidence that even proved that the balls were deflated. And do remember that the Colts balls also lost pressure according to one of the gauges.

        So please enlighten us and point to any concrete evidence in the Wells report.

        Most fair minded people, who appreciate facts, understand that it was a witch hunt.

        Most fair minded people, who know the rules, understand that the penalty was amazingly disproportionate.

  2. Boston Whiny says:

    LOL what a joke of an article to read in Boston, the city the best at playing the blame game, especially when it comes to the Pats……….

    1. Tooth Neck says:

      Haha, yeah I thought I was reading an article on The Onion for a second there. Honestly I’d rather hear Pats fans admit that their team cheated and that they could care less, than deny it and say its because everyone is jealous.

  3. mstarvin says:

    People blame the Government and not the company because the Government implemented a policy that rewards companies for moving jobs out of the country. The company is just taking advantage of the tax breaks the Government has made available.

  4. The Owl says:

    How much blame, Jon, do YOU accept for the poor driving that goes on whenever you are one the road?

    You certainly devote a lot of air time and column inches to your distaste for your fellow commuters.

  5. mikey says:

    Yet the outrageous cost for health insurance and child care continue to fiscally pummel the middle-class which is no longer falling through the cracks – it’s being swept toward them.

    But there’s a whole lot of free stuff out there for those who would rather work the system – instead of working.

  6. Paul Charles says:

    mstarvin beat me to it. What he said.

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